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2018/06/25 04:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi
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Na’Vi vs. FSid3 at ELeague Predictions

Today was kind of an underdog day and I think this match might be another win for an underdog, Na’Vi are still better than FlipSid3 and should be slightly favored, but the current odds are just stupid and FlipSid3 seems like the only reasonable choice with they way they’ve been playing lately, they beat mousesports, Echo Fox, HellRaisers, Immortals and few other teams like Renegades and stuff, their last two maps against Na’Vi didn’t go too well but that looked completely unprepared and this time they had enough time to prepare specifically for Na’Vi so it should look better, not to mention that they almos beat Na’Vi on Starladder Finals.

Na’Vi looked better in ELEAGUE so far, they lost only two maps, one against mousesports and one against Echo Fox which is kind of surprising, it was also dust2 which used to be Na’Vi’s best map, other matches went really well for Na’Vi, none of their opponents even made it to a double digit score and Na’Vi wrecked all of them.

So let’s try to predict the veto process, Na’Vi will obviously remove cache or nuke first, FlipSid3 are very good on these two maps and Na’Vi rarely practice them, FlipSid3 will most likely ban dust2 first, the first pick for Na’Vi should be either overpass or mirage, while FlipSid3 would probably go with either cache or nuke depending on which map Na’Vi removes first, the three remaining maps are train, cobblestone and overpass/mirage (depending on Na’Vi’s pick), I’m pretty sure Mirage/Overpass would be a straight up ban from FlipSid3 and Na’Vi would end up removing cobblestone because they already beat FlipSid3 on it and that match wasn’t even close.

Honestly I’m not even sure if the veto process will go this way because this tournament is just full of surprises, but FlipSid3 should have a fairly good chance on the maps that I mentioned and I believe they can upset Na’Vi, definitely worth a small bet on FlipSid3 with the current odds.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 FSid3

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