eSport betting tips: Against all odds, together

StarSeries Season 2

Best Of 3
2018/08/01 16:10 UTC

Winner Dignitas
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Dignitas vs. NokSuKao at StarSeries Season 2 Predictions

So what we’ve got here is another match in which people blindly bet on dignitas just because their players are better individually, there is one thing though, dignitas had absolutely zero practice in the last few weeks, Magiskb0Y didn’t play a single scrim/match with them yet, some of their players have played only 5-10 hours in the last two weeks, and RUBINO won’t be playing, so dignitas are completely unprepared coming into this match and even though NokSuKao are terrible, they are still capable of beating dignitas, especially in a match like this.

I’m not gonna talk about the previous results of dignitas as they did not play any matches with Magiskb0Y yet, but NokSuKao actually managed to have some closer maps against better teams, they beat a mix of Team X players, gBots, eSuba, few other decent ESEA Premier teams and had few close maps against ENCE and Alternate, so not too bad, they also played two best of three matches, one against Alpha which they should have won 2-0 but choked on the second map and ended up losing 1-2, and also a relatively close series against ArchAngels.

So this match is definitely quite tricky, dignitas should be favored despite all those flaws, but the odds are definitely not accurate, I’d go with an ICB on NokSuKao here as they are definitely capable of upsetting dignitas.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 NokSuKao

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I feel like this prediction is best done in bullet points

  • Dignitas always been shaky when heavily favoured
  • No practice with new roster
  • No Rubino, their manager playing instead
  • Mag1ksboy hasn’t played for over 2 weeks and won’t be on his top form yet
  • Average Russian side but do have some talent


From these bullet points I think you can work out the only bet you can do here. ICB on the CIS side if you have spare skins, if not SKIP and see how dig do to give us a clearer indication for the rest of the day.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 NokSuKao

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