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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2018/02/29 18:00 UTC

Winner LDLC
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Epiphany vs. LDLC at Operation Kinguin Predictions

This is the deciding match of Group E in Operation: Kinguin 2, the winner will move on to the second group stage while loser gets eliminated from the tournament.

This match seems to be very close overall but I got to favor LDLC.Blue a bit as their results were simply better as of late,  they won majority of their recent CEVO matches and played a surprisingly close best of three against SK Gaming not too long ago, other than that, LDLC Blue managed to finish in top 4 of Assembly Winter where they beat Copenhagen Wolves, RCTIC and got eliminated by LDLC White in the semifinal, they are playing really well lately.

Epiphany’s recent matches were rather disappointing, they are losing to nonamers in CEVO Main, got wrecked by SK Gaming and CL4NLESS and managed to beat RCTIC 2-1 which is the only “decent” match they’ve had in a while. I’m quite surprised on how bad Epiphany did in their last matches, they used to beat teams like Space Soldiers and Torpedo, now they get demolished by a bunch of nonamers called “los mexicanos”…

I’m quite confident with LDLC Blue here but tier 3 matches are always insanely risky and Epiphany used to be very good, either team can take this so be careful with your bets.

My odds for this match: Epiphany 40:60 LDLC

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  • Dust2: 65-35 Epiphany
  • Inferno: 60-40 LDLC Blue
  • Mirage: 55-45 Epiphany
  • Cache: 65-35 Epiphany
  • Train: –
  • Overpass: 60-40 LDLC Blue
  • Cobblestone: 55-45 LDLC Blue



A tier3 match-up which, as usual, can really go either way. This match really matters a lot for both teams, the winner will get 2nd in the group and move on to Group Stage #2, the loser will get the 3rd spot and be out of the league. Both teams only won one match (Against AlienTech) and lost one as well (Against SK) so they are equal in that. Epiphany used to be a pretty consistent tier3 teams and really were able to dominate all teams in tier3 but as of now, it all changed. Epiphany became incredibly inconsistent and are in the worst shape as of now.

LDLC Blue on the other hand are becoming better and better, they were never really able to beat any tier3 team but they improved, their most impressive result recently was the 2:1 loss against SK, sure it was a loss but LDLC definitely could have taken this one. LDLC’s main problem is their mappool, they can only play Cobblestone, Overpass and Inferno. All the remaining 4 maps are maps they aren’t necessarily strong on and that’s the weakness of this team. Epiphany on the other hand are good on Overpass, Dust2, Cobblestone, Mirage, Cache and Inferno so basically the mappool definitely favours Epiphany. Epiphany can definitely upset here when Dust2, Mirage or Cache is included and I’m sure either one of those is there. So Epiphany upsetting here could definitely happen, I suggest a low bet on Epiphany and hope for one of those maps to be played.

Pick: Epiphany

Bet: Low on Epiphany [3%]


My odds for this match: Epiphany 50:50 LDLC

Pretty 50-50 game in my eyes to call here. I don’t really rate the players on LDLC THAT much, apart from YOUYOU and BouLy. They are a side that focuses mostly on team work and using their numbers than individual stars, and this makes them a solid side that is hard to beat, but not much past that. They never seem to be THAT active in big cups and their results are pretty mixed looking at them as well. They destroyed Xeno, were destroyed by the other LDLC side, and had a close win against RCTIC.

Looking at the Epiphany boys, they are a hard to predict team. They feel incredibly inconsistent, and this is evident when you look at their recent results. They were beaten pretty badly by SK on one map, but managed to give them a good game on the other. They also lost really poorly to ID in a game where I honestly believe they should of won. They had good wins over RCTIC and Millennium, which is good, but they feel like a side that relies heavily on their star players to hit their shots. Namely es3tag, and sometimes hiffer and st^. If they are off their game, they will surely lose this game.

I feel this game is one that could go either way, and with one side currently being on 40%, I feel like Epiphany would make the most sense to bet on here. They have players who when they are on, are perhaps more skilled than the LDLC boys, it will just come down to maps and how individually Epiphany performs, vs the collective performance of LDLC.

My odds for this match: Epiphany 50:50 LDLC

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