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2018/07/30 22:00 UTC

Winner VP

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Fnatic vs. VP at ELeague

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This match does not feel like a final of such a big event for me, were slumping really hard just a while ago and started doing very well lately, I still don’t trust them enough to bet on them on such big events, especially when they are in the finals up against the best team in the world, they played really well so far on this event as well as the major, so far they beat teams like Gambit, compLexity, NiP and mousesports on ELEAGUE, they also made it to the semi final of ESL One Cologne by beating mousesports, Liquid and Astralis before losing 1-2 against SK Gaming who won the entire major later on, so good stuff from lately.

Fnatic also made it to the semis of the recent major, they didn’t play as well as as FaZe upset them in the group stage and they got 2-0’d by Liquid in the semis, but overall they performed better on other events, their opponents on ELEAGUE were definitely harder to beat as they had to face FaZe, ENVYUS and Na’Vi, they made it to the finals with no practice whatsoever as most of their players are on 20~ hours in the last two weeks, krimz is on 8 hours which is just ridiculous.

Fnatic is the best team in the world in my opinion and they are far above, not like VP can’t beat them because it’s definitely possible, but I think fnatic will win, their map pool is way better and they are just insane as a team.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 VP

Hard to call one now due to the maps. I really do think fnatic will win this one but the map vetos really scares me. Cobble is a map that I think fnatic will take with ease but then Mirage is the one map that even through the slump, VP were really good on. They never lose on it badly and even when they do lose, the scores are incredibly close. Fnatic are going to need to take the pistols here and stick it to VP with their no respect style. If it goes to the 3rd map, that is also scary for fnatic. They of course can play Train, but it is one of the best maps for VP. They are famous for it, and of course Navi are probably the best Train side in the world, and fnatic beat them on it, but VP are not far behind. And it was incredibly close. Overall, I think fnatic will take this one and although going on VP makes a lot of sense here, I am going with my gut.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 VP


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