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2018/09/01 18:30 UTC

Winner Immortals
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Immortals vs. Synthetik Predictions

Immortals go into this game the heavy favourites and I honestly don’t really know the majority of the guys in their opposing side. I have seen a few of them playing before, but I have not seen anything to suggest to me they have what it takes to take down IMT. My only real hope is IMT avoids the maps like D2 and Cache, as they have upsets on them and we have seen IMT struggle on them before. Also, all NA sides can play these maps well, so that would be a bit of a risk. Bo1’s are always slightly risky due to the nature of pistol rounds, but unless IMT lose both of them and the anti ecos, this should be a comfortable win for the Brazilian side.

My odds for this match: Immortals 75:25 Synthetik

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I really don’t understand why did North Arena make a qualifier for terrible teams, both Synthetik and ACE Gaming qualified by winning an event with teams like CLG Red (Female), Selfless Female and other ESEA Open/Intermediate teams, pretty stupid if you ask me.

Well at least we have some easy matches because Immortals are not going to lose this one, Synthetik were in ESEA Open last season and finished in top8 to qualify for Main, I don’t know anything about them, but they dropped a couple of maps to Open/IM teams, so they are definitely bad.

Nothing more to add really, Immortals are going to win this match no matter what, pretty safe for a high bet despite being a best of one.

My odds for this match: Immortals 85:15 Synthetik

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