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Na’Vi vs. G2 at Starseries Predictions

Hi boys,

Thijs here doing a prediction. This time we will talk about Na’Vi vs G2. It is a best of 3 and the match are TBA. This match is played on LAN and it is the group A decider match. Who ever loses this one is out of the game.

We saw some mixed results from Na’Vi. They beat Cyberzen pretty easy but the had a though game against Luminosity. They against LG they played train and mirage and lost both. On train it was a close gaming ending in 14-16 in favor of LG but on Mirage they had a hard game which only lead em to 8 rounds. The performance against Cyberzen was a lot better. They played mirage and train as well and they won 16-5 and 16-7.

G2 had a ‘horrible’ tournament. Maikelelelele almost was to late to play and i think this might have stressed them out. We have seen them play against Cyberzen and Luminosity and they scrapped a won over Cyberzen but they had no change at beating Luminosity. Against Cyberzen g2 played 3 maps. They played Inferno, Cache and Mirage. Cyberzen actually won inferno 16-6 which is quite an achievement for them in my opinion. Cache was a close game which got won 16-14 by G2 and Mirage was a win for G2 as well ending 16-11. Against Luminosity it was an other story. G2 lost both maps against them and it was kind of an easy game for Luminosity i believe. They played train and inferno ending with scores of 16-9 and 16-7 in favor of LG.

From what i’ve seen i would favor Na’Vi to win this one. It is possible for g2 to preform way better today and Na’Vi might preform worse but let us assume that doesn’t happen. G2 had a rough game against Cyberzen and i think they are just not ready for this tournament. Having a rough game against Luminosity and almost losing to Cyberzen probably the worst team on the event or at least which we expected to be the worse team. I don’t think G2 has it at the moment to win this match up against Na’Vi. Na’Vi are beasts on LAN events most of the time and i think they will win this one.

This match is high risk though since it is LAN and always remember that anything can happen on a LAN event. For this match i recommend going LOW on Na’Vi i feel like they are the better team at the moment. For people with small inventory’s i recommend you skip it and just enjoy some counter-strike!

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 G2

G2 looked anything like their old self yesterday, they caused me many moments of pain as I watched my skins almost vanish vs the Asian side. They still have an incredible amount of skill, and seemed to get their act together towards the end. They looked better on Mirage, and perhaps the ending of Cache was the wake up call they needed. They still made a lot of mistakes on Mirage, but you could at least see they were hitting their shots.

Navi looked shaky as well, they are still far too inconsistent the majority of their players, and LG finally managed to take them down. You could argue they were lucky on train, but LG were just better on Mirage. I actually thought Navi would continue how they ended last year, but I guess new year new problems for most sides.

G2 have an amazing record against Navi, winning 7 out of 11 times against them, and the odds for this game are far off. In my eyes this is a 60-40 game for Navi, and with the odds being how they are currently, the most logical thing to do is what we did with both games earlier today, purely play the odds and see. LOW on G2 or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 G2

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