CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

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Winner Method
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Method 82
Quest 18
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Match Predictions

Not much to say here really, Method will take this match for sure as they destroyed all teams in the CIS Minor Qualifiers so far and they will play against very mediocre team in this match too, they are the clear favorites to win this qualifier and I believe this match will go in their favor, probably the safest match we’ve had today. Method beat Fluffy Gangsters quite easily despite playing on overpass which is one of their worst maps, they got beaten by Arcade in the second match but these teams are pretty much on the same level so that was kind of expected, I believe they are prepared to win the following matches and qualify for the Minor though.

My odds for this match: Method 85:15 Quest







Method has recently acquired the Russian talent known as ex-Piter just before this event started. Method has played pretty decently but had a little choke against Arcade. They started off by beating the Fluffy Gangstas 16-10 on Overpass and then went on to lose to Arcade 1-2 and now they find their selves here in the decider match.

This lineup is one of the top lineups in the RU/CIS region. Rivaling team YP and Vega if they’re still alive. This team is a tier above the two teams competing for the TBA spot in my opinion.


The winner of the FG VS Quest match. Method has already beaten FG in a BO1 as mentioned earlier, and Quest is better than FG imo, so they do pose a little bit of threat to Method. If Quest get through, I can see them picking a map off Method but taking two maps will be something big to ask of them.

Final thoughts and advice

Of course the outcome of this prediction and match will be determined on who the hell TBA is, but I do think Method are the stronger team here regardless. I wouldn’t go large but perhaps a medium bet would be justified if the odds do level out at a healthier rate but I’m not sure if that’s actually going to happen.

My odds for this match: Method 80:20 Quest






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