CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

Best Of 3


Winner Rebels
Live Odds
Arcade 46
Rebels 54
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So far so good for Arcade. Won all of their matches including the match vs a sloppy Method. They got completely destroyed on Train but that’s simply a map they don’t play much at all, Dust2, Mirage and Cache are their ”home maps” and they simply out-classed Method here. Arcade’s main problem is their mappool. Like I said, they’re good on maps like Dust2, Mirage and Cache and CAN be good on Inferno as well but the remaining 3 maps (Train, Cobblestone, Overpass) are maps they don’t play at all. That’s a thing Arcade should be worried about going into this match.



Probably after Gambit the favourites to win this lan. I’m really liking this team so far, Electronic and CyberFocus are simply nuts. Electronic managed to get 100 frags(!!!) EXACT against Gambit on 2 maps. 73 on Cobblestone and 27 on Inferno, this guy is just nuts right now along with CyberFocus. Rebels did lose to Gambit which isn’t a shame at all of course. Yesterday they played vs BinaryDragons and this did get somewhat close but BinaryDragons aren’t exactly the worse themselves, the thing that matters is that Rebels won it 2-0 and will now be facing Arcade in the Semi’s



I just have to favour Rebels in this match-up. Their individual skill is so insane with Electronic and CyberFocus, I just don’t think Arcade can handle this. Rebels are currently the underdogs with 46% so that should be a really good underdog bet.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Arcade 45:55 Rebels






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