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Astralis vs. EnVyUs at Game Show Global Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


Two completely different teams with a lot of history. The H2H’s definitely favour nV and no matter how bad nV play, they always somehow manage to pull out a win against Astralis. Astralis so far this tournament haven’t dropped a single BO3, they managed to beat Method without any problems and also won against G2 which (imo) they should have lost, but thanks to Xyp9x they managed to take Cache into OT and win it 19:15. The 1v3 from Xyp9x was insane and mainly G2’s own fault, Astralis weren’t looking good at all in this BO3, G2 had the upper hand. nV on the other hand did have some trouble with C9 today but I was surprised about the map veto (once again). I’m not sure why nV decided to pick Mirage but they won it after being 12:3 down on T side, they dropped only 1 round on their CT side and won it 16:13. Overpass was once again a comeback, they were down 12:8 but did manage to win 16:12 mainly thanks to Kioshima who really stepped up his game, Kioshima has really been slumping lately but in this BO3 he definitely stepped up his game and managed to bring nV to the Semi finals.


Like I said, there has been some history between these two teams and it always seemed like nV were the better team, I can feel maps like Inferno, Overpass and Cache being played and this can be a 2:1 to either team. This match is literally 50:50 imo and really could go either way, It’s going to depend on nV. Will the actual nV show up, who just wreck people and demolish them or will the nV who got stomped by Dignitas show up? Again, this is a 50:50 match and will most likely be going to a 3rd map.


50:50 in my opinion and 50:50 on Lounge too, in the end the odds should favour one team and whoever ends up being the underdog, just bet extremely low on them. This really can go either way and I think going on the underdog is simply the best bet here.

My odds for this match: Astralis 50:50 EnVyUs


Bleh, so going into this match I do not feel confident in Astralis, I do not feel confident in either team to be honest here, however I do feel Astralis deserve to be favored but by the smallest, smallest of margins, hence I am giving them 52%. I just think that they have shown better performances than Envy this tournament so far, however they did play versus Method so that doesn’t really count, and then a choking G2, so eh take that with a pinch of salt. Overly however, like I said in my last analysis, it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen them playing at a very high standard and most importantly, doing it consistently. They will throw in a world class performance here and there, however not as much as I would’ve liked from them here, and same applies to Envyus actually. So there is never really much to say about Astralis, obviously they are world class, it just depends on how they are feeling on the day and if they will be landing their shots. They most definitely has what it takes to take out Envyus here, however be careful here, high risk obviously.


I keep saying Envyus is my favorite team, and they are you know, gloryhunter and all ;P But jokes aside, Envyus just like Astralis have not shown a dominant display consistently for quite some time now, and honestly both of them seem to be slacking quite a bit as of recent, even in this LAN, Astralis with the seemingly undeserved victory over G2, and Envyus with just struggling vs CLG, losing to Dignitas and of course, this morning nearly lost out to Cloud9, if it wasn’t for C9’s horrible T sides. So yes overall Envyus has not shown the most dominating of displays so far this event, however like I always say, these teams have the quality to go absolutely insane at any time, so do not count them out. Envyus have their problems, their players struggle to find consistency it seems, especially Apex, however like everybody will tell you, if Apex is on fire, as their entry he will demolish opposition, however you’ve got to hope it happens, and if it doesn’t then things become quite tricky for Envy. Overall do not count Envy out here, they are more than capable of beating Astralis here, obviously, so approach with care.


So as I said, I give the slightest, slightest of advantages to Astralis here mainly because they have impressed me a bit more this LAN so far, and think that their players are slightly more consistent. The thing between these T1 vs T1 teams is, that it all really just comes down to who is in better form and is landing their shots on the day most of the time, so you really have to be careful with these. It’s going to be a very close BO3, and most likely will go to a few OT’s or just close, close 16:13 maps, unless one of the teams is completely off however, which I mean can very well happen, especially since neither team is looking too hot right now. So everything aside, 52-48 in favor of Astralis here, really high risk.


I’m going to be skipping this, there is an hour left until the game starts and the odds find themselves at 50-50, essentially what I am giving this match, and I do not see them changing so there really is no value in betting on this game. Since this game is so close, and with no value, it just isn’t my time as betting on a literal coin flip, ehh not my cup of tea. Recommending to skip this, however if you are going to bet, make sure it is a low, low, 2-3% bet on the team of your choice.

My odds = 52-48 Astralis

My risk = V-High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip



My odds for this match: Astralis 52:48 EnVyUs

Would say neither side has looked convincing so far, but the reason why I favour Envy a bit is their play style. Astralis seem to struggle against them a lot of the time, and Envy have a good record over them. I feel like astralis are scared of taking aim duels with them, and if astralis let them get into a position like they did yesterday against g2, they won’t let it slip.

The main thing Envy need to do for this game is to finally remove Overpass or this game is honestly over before it already began unless the other 2 maps favour Envy. So pay close attention to the veto as that will really decide what we chose to do here. Envy can give astralis a good run for their money on most other maps. They will struggle a bit on Mirage, but if they can have a strong CT then who knows, astralis choke easily and that is another key thing to remember.

Astralis struggled against g2 and actually lost Overpass, a map that is their go to map for a win. I didn’t expect this and they also struggled on Cache. I honestly think this is a side that is going further back that people realise, and they are losing ground on all their opponents. They are still clearly a top side, but they need to start showing it again.

This is still a 50-50 game, but because I know astralis don’t like to play nV, and the odds right now are 55-45, in my eyes the only logical bet you can do here is LOW on Envy. This is of course an incredibly close game, and if you see Overpass come up in the maps to be played then perhaps stay clear of this, otherwise LOW Envy it is for me.

My odds for this match: Astralis 50:50 EnVyUs

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