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HR vs. Vexed at APM S2 Finals Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


The last time we saw HR play was at the EU Minor where they prevailed over E-frag in the grand finals to win $30,000 at the end of January. In that event, HR went undefeated as they won matches against Lemondogs, PixelFire, PENTA and E-frag. All the matches they did play at the Minor did end up with close scorelines but it’s all good since they won. This is a step in the right direction for the now majority Slav/Chech lineup.

Prior to this event, many were concerned for the roster of HR as a lot of people saw the roster change as a bit of a downgrade, but I’m looking forward to see what these guys can offer us in terms of game play and see if they’ll play at a high T2 level again.


Vexed’s most recent match was a tie against Alternate AttaX – a team which is currently going 4-0 in ESEA Premier. Vexed are tipped to be the second best Polish team coming after Virtus Pro and coming ahead of the now struggling CSGL roster. These guys have qualified to many big events which is great to see and they can put up a good performance when they want to.


The past two teams these teams have faced off have both resulted in wins for Vexed. Although the HR rosters have been slightly different, it still stands that Vexed has a 100% win rate against HR (subject to chance depending on the outcome of this match).

Final thoughts and advice

This will be a close match, most likely a 2-1 win to HR but I’ll be placing a small bet on Vexed provided that the odds are at the basis of 60-40 favoring HR and Vexed being the underdogs.

The winner of this match will go on to play against the winner of the Flipsid3 VS CSGL game.

My odds for this match: HR 60:40 Vexed


Both teams not exactly that good and most of us expected more out of these two teams especially from Hellraisers. Hellraisers have been really underperforming and should be a top tier2 team with the material they have but instead they are somewhere in mid tier2 and getting upset by tier3 teams way too often. Hellraisers are extremely inconsistent and really rely on individual performances. Hellraisers did win the Minor lan and managed to qualify for the MLG Columbus LAN Qualifier over E-Frag. Hellraisers won this lan one year ago over Mousesports after being 3:0 down, they still managed to win 4:3 (no idea how). Vexed on the other hand haven’t had the best time either recently but they do seem somewhat more consistent against tier3 teams than Hellraisers do. Vexed are also coming into this match with a 100% winratio against Hellraisers, the line-up of both teams was slightly different but I do feel like Hellraisers were the better team back then.


In the end, I do expect Hellraisers to win here but I won’t be surprised when Vexed is going to upset here at all. Vexed are currently the underdog and that normally asks for problems, Vexed rarely lose as underdog unless they play against tier1 teams, Hellraisers tend to lose a lot as overdogs against other tier2 teams so this is a match which can definitely go in Vexed’s way. I am still expecting a close 2:1 win in favour of Hellraisers though.


Yes, I do think Hellraisers should and will win but like I said, Vexed can easily upset. Due to that we will be going low on Vexed and hope for an upset, 3% of your inventory! Make sure to change your bet to Hellraisers when Hellraisers somehow becomes an underdog.

My odds for this match: HR 55:45 Vexed

Should be a really good game here, and potentially a good underdog bet. HR have been playing poor for a while. Their performance at the LAN the other week should not be used to make their poor performances for a long time. They make so many mistakes when playing it is a miracle they manage to close out games sometimes. They still have a lot of skill in their roster, but Styko being ill has meant they almost have not practiced at all for this event, and he is barely able to call ingame due to being sick and having a throat issue.

Vexed have been slowly improving since they picked up repo with good performances against RCTIC, Granted, Torpedo and ATN, as well as taking a map off Envy. They are a decent and when Rallen and Furlan start fragging, they can cause HR problems. They also feel like a much more settled side, with a deeper map pool. They may have less individual skill, but they make up for it with team work.

In my eyes even with Styko and co playing hard before this event, Vexed would have a chance in this game, and with the odds currently being how they are I would suggest going LOW on Vexed as the best course of action, and I believe this will be a really close game and could go either way.

My odds for this match: HR 60:40 Vexed

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