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APM S2 Finals

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mouz vs. LDLC.White at APM S2 Finals Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Another game with yet even more skewed odds. Team LDLC White is being extremely underestimated in this LAN, showing us that LDLC White is no team to just hand out wins so easily especially on a LAN. With team composition that matches a tier 1 team and skill that may not be spectacular, team LDLC White really works well with what they have. They’re LAN performance is far better than their Online performances, seeing from the way LDLC White performed against teams such as HellRaisers and even giving EnVyUs a run for their money putting EnVyUs into overtime on inferno. Sure, LDLC White may have performed horribly in the ESWC LAN of October 2015 but they have shown to gotten out of that rut months after then. LDLC WHite will be performing hard in this LAN and won’t be handing a win so easily to Mouz.

Mouz is definitely a lot more experienced and skilled than LDLC White with their highly experienced players who have played against teams such as Fnatic, NiP, EnVyUs, Virtus Pro etc… But that doesn’t mean they always perform at such a great level. Mouz has had this tendency to choke on LANs, even choking on an APM LAN such as this, even choking against lower tier teams in the lower tier 2 – 3 level. The choking may not be on such an intense level that Mouz loses 2 maps in a BO3 but Mouz has choked hard enough to let opposing teams rack up 14 or more rounds and Mouz does not want LDLC White to see personal weaknesses or else LDLC White will take advantage of the weakness. Right now, Mouz is ahead of LDLC due to experience but choking is definitely warranted for at least one or more maps in this match against LDLC White so expect Mouz to lose at least one map in this game. LDLC White isn’t as great as Mouz nor are guaranteed a win but they should be good enough to take off one map from Mouz’s hands and with these heavily skewed odds, a small bet on LDLC White is definitely warranted.

Recommended Bet: Small LDLC WHite

My odds for this match: mouz 60:40 LDLC.White


We haven’t really seen Mousesports since January but I can tell that they are well prepared for this lan, one year ago they reached the finals against Hellraisers but sadly lost after being 3:0 up (was a BO7). I think Mousesports may be called the favourites to win this lan once again and I expect them to, although the challengers do seem extremely good. LDLC White seem to be improving fast, they were always that one unpredictable tier3 team who weren’t able to beat any tier2 team, a few days ago they managed to beat Ence in a BO3 for the Assembly Winter in the grand final with impressive scorelines. I’m not sure if Ence are really considered tier2 yet, but they’re definitely not as good as Mousesports.


Sure, LDLC White are improving but I do think that Mousesports is a bridge too far, Mousesports are top tier2 and are even able to upset tier1 teams which is a thing LDLC White can’t do and I’m not expecting to do like ever. I expect Mousesports to take this BO3 fairly easily as they are having the better players individually, LDLC White only have a chance when Chokesports shows up which I highly doubt. Should be 2:1 to Mousesports.


Not sure how the odds will land but for now, I’m suggesting a medium bet on Mousesports with 10% your inventory. Do make sure to SKIP when the odds go over 80%!

My odds for this match: mouz 70:30 LDLC.White

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