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Sweden vs. TBD at King of Nordic Predictions

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I probably shouldn’t even be doing King of Nordic matches since they’re a bunch of randoms playing BO1’s, but I actually recognize some names that will be representing Sweden so why the heck not, you know? Also TBD is the opponent so that’s another reason why I shouldn’t be doing this but I’ll do it anyway.


Representing Sweden, we have some damn familiar names. JayzaR, PyromaRne, Awien and dejvin have all played together from my understanding under the RIFT Gaming organisation. But it was announced 3 days ago that the team had departed from RIFT Gaming and are now searching for an organisation to send them to Norway. (Source on PyromaRnE’s twitter – his team mates have removed RIFT from their twitter handles too).

The fifth player is ‘Baaten’. The only appearance we have seen from him was at the ASUS ROG Play It Cool event where we had an all star team against a bunch of randoms. Baaten played for ‘Leaf’ and against the all star team he pretty much carried the team into multiple OT’s against the CSGO stars on Cache only to lose 20-22. He dropped 47 kills which is very impressive and if he continues to play that well, he could be an up and coming star. (Souce: http://www.hltv.org/match/2300018-play-it-cool-all-stars-leaf-play-it-cool-csgo-community-challenge).

TBD (Winner of Norway VS Finland)

From Norway, there are only 2 players which have played in remotely known teams. Neto played for Lions when that was a thing but his stats page is mostly red, indicating that him as an individual didn’t play well in said matches. The other bloke is phrzer who I remember playing in Refuse and Aposis. He had his moments but wasn’t consistently good. The other 3 players are completely new names to me.

Finland has 2 people with no HLTV player pages which is always a good sign. The other 3 names don’t really ring a bell, and furthur searching in, I found that they just play in all Finnish teams against other Finnish teams which doesn’t give a good representation on what they can achieve to be honest.

Final thoughts and advice?

Should be a win for Sweden here regardless of which TBA goes through. I personally think Norway will win if they go through but at the same time Finland has 2 people which we haven’t seen before and they may either be super good or super bad – we’ll have to find out on the day.

Sweden > TBA. Odds probably will end up super messed up though seeing as at the moment it’s 91-9 favoring Sweden hahaha.

My odds for this match: Sweden 80:20 TBD

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