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LG vs. Fnatic at IEM Predictions


  • Dust2: 70-30 Fnatic
  • Inferno: 50-50
  • Mirage: 70-30 LG
  • Cache: 55-45 Fnatic
  • Train: 55-45 LG
  • Overpass: 50-50
  • Cobblestone: 55-45 Fnatic


Probably the best final we can get in a BO5 as well. Finally we can really see who’s better, Fnatic or LG. Both teams had an amazing tournament so far and played amazingly well, this is IMO the top1 against the top2 in the world right now. LG yesterday, we all saw it, they were simply amazing. They won 2-0 against Navi on Overpass and Inferno, at some point it did look like Navi would pick up Overpass but FalleN denied it with a 1v4 clutch with 19hp. Inferno felt somewhat close in the end because Navi picked up both pistols, but LG were simply the better team in the buyrounds and managed to close it out. LG are looking superior and really fun to watch, LG are probably the only team who have the potential to beat Fnatic as of now.

Fnatic are the best team in the world, no doubt. Yesterday against Astralis they were rather tired but still managed to win 2-1. Overpass was far from close and Cache looked like a replay but Fnatic choked from 12-6 to 12-16, I think that this was mainly because of Fnatic being tired, they started throwing away rounds they normally wouldn’t lose. On Inferno they were extremely focused and showed Astralis that Cache was a mistake which won’t happen again.

A match that could be really close but it will really depend on the veto. Dust2 and Mirage are the maps that will be banned and the order of the 5 maps really matters for LG. The maps where LG do have a chance on are Train, Overpass and Inferno. Cache and Cobblestone should be Fnatics maps as LG don’t play these that much and rather avoid them. In the most recent BO3 between these two teams, LG managed to win Train quite comfortably, so I feel like they are somewhat favoured on it. Overpass is a real 50-50, LG can take it but they have to play better than they did against Navi as that match got decided by individual clutches which won’t happen against a team like Fnatic. Inferno is also a 50-50 map, both teams are extremely strong on it although Fnatic do look somewhat shaky on it this lan, they did stomp Astralis on it but their match against Nip on Inferno wasn’t good, they also lost on it against LG although that was in a BO1 which doesn’t say much as it’s a BO1. Overall, LG always choked against Fnatic in BO3’s in the past, they managed to get to mappoint so many times but Fnatic still managed to force it to OT and win, both teams improved ever since, Fnatic became better so did LG. 5v5 with not a single player who’s considered bad. I’m a LG fan and I really hope they will take it although I do think Fnatic are the better team and have more of an advantage in this BO5, they are more experienced in these kind of things, LG never played a BO5 before. I’m expecting a 3-1 / 3-2 win to Fnatic depending on the map order. The odds on Lounge are 70-30 in favour of Fnatic and this is a joke, let’s go with the Brazilian hype and drop something low on them and hope for an upset.

55-45 Fnatic

Low (5%) on Fnatic when -60% for Fnatic | Low (5%) on LG when +60% for Fnatic

My odds for this match: Luminosity 45:55 Fnatic

Think fnatic will most likely win this game but I also feel like it’s LG’s time to finally win something. They have been so close before and have been slowly making progress. They have looked really good this event, and although fnx has been quiet in some games, TACO especially has stepped up his game. FALLEN and cold have been how you would expect, and fer has had some massive games too. If any team in the world right now can take down fnatic, then it is these guys.

Fnatic started poorly and then rekt people as they always seem to do. I would honestly put them in their own tier, and everyone else is in the tier behind. They just seem to grind out results always and it’s amazing how they manage to do it. Their map pool is incredibly strong bar Mirage, and I would favour them on most maps in this game.

I fully expect D2 and Mirage to be vetoed and then out of the remaining maps, they are mostly pretty close. I would give fnatic no more than 60% on any of the maps that are left, and with the odds currently being 70-30, the most logical bet is to go LOW on LG. The only side able to take down fnatic, as they proved already once this event, should deserve a lot more than 30% odds.

My odds for this match: Luminosity 45:55 Fnatic

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So a BO5 Final between these two. For some reason Fnatic just do not lose finals, they are just too good, can Luminosity finally stop that spree? We shall see today, I doubt it, especially because it is a BO5, I feel like in BO3 it is already hard enough, however you can catch them off guard cold and what not, however in BO5 with such a strong map pool, it’s difficult. So far this tournament, Fnatic has looked a bit up and down, however they have been up where it matters, Olof has been Olof, Flusha has been having really good games, however when they don’t, Fnatic do seem to struggle, take for example Cache vs Astralis yesterday, it was Dennis carrying the team, and when that happens, sure Dennis is really good and all, however he isn’t your Olof who you need to perform, especially if everyone else is not having the best of games either. In the group stages for LG, everyone did not perform either, it was mostly Fer that stood out to me and brought the victories to LG, especially vs Na’Vi, he was insane there and definitlly the best in his team. My point here is that if either team wants to pick this up, they will need to perform and not rely on individuals. You have to favor Fnatic in this situation since once again. BO5 and simply the sheer mass of experience they have in these sort of situations and the skill set amongst their players. Overall, 60-40 in favor of Fnatic here, I really want LG to win this, however we will see. Just bet the odds here with a low, low bet as the risk is insanely high.


Feel like it is proven somewhere that statistically betting against Fnatic bankrupts you. Back on topic, 2-3% Fnatic if below 66%, otherwise 2-3% LG. Match starts in 30 minutes and don’t see LG going that high, so low on them it is for me!

My odds = 60-40 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Fnatic if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% LG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Luminosity 40:60 Fnatic

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