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Dignitas are a side that had some issues but seem to have overcome them recently and be playing really well. They have a strong map pool, and some incredibly skilled players. They are a little inexperienced which can come back to cost them sometimes, but overall they are a good side, pushing forwards. CSGL are a side you never know what to expect from. They are up and down a lot, one game looking good, and the next looking terrible. This is a game that could be a little close if Dignitas are not on it, but I do expect them to take this, and would suggest going MED on them

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 CSGL

Dignitas will play against the winner of CSGL / Penta and both of these teams should not really be a problem. Dignitas just beat a team that managed to upset Ence in a BO1 but Dignitas stomped them with 16-7 and 16-4 scorelines. I overall expect this to be an easy match for Dignitas, they are the favourites and more than likely to win as it’s a BO3, they are better on all maps except for Dust2, whether they play Penta or CSGL, it just shouldn’t be a problem. The only problem here are the odds, It’s a tier2 vs tier2 match so the odds are kind of broke, if the odds go a bit lower, then we might drop a bet on Dignitas.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 CSGL


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