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Match Predictions

by: myzz
Risk: High
My Bet:3sUP

3sUP have been making waves lately in the NA scene, impressing even me. They have teamwork and tactics and remind me more of a European side, and a NA one. They recently went to a LAN where they did about as well as most people expected.

I waited and waited for coL to come good, and the hype train has started now that they won a game vs a poor Method side, and honestly I’m not buying it yet. On paper, their roster looks good and for sure has more skill than that of 3sUP, but something still seems off with the balance of the team, and I really don’t like their force buys, they lose them a lot of rounds.

3sUP actually beat coL 2-0 last time, which was not so long ago, and both maps were close. I would say this is a 50-50 game. coL have more skill but 3sUP are the better team. I will be placing a bit of my VP winnings on 3sUP and hoping for a good underdog bet. This is a risky one as perhaps coL really did find their feet, but I am just not convinced yet.

My odds for this match: 3sUP 50:50 coL

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For tier 2/3 Teams, if the odds change suddenly, e.g. a 5% swing to the underdogs 10 min before the game. This is generally an indication that something strange is going on and you should consider changing your bet to the underdog because of a potential throw.

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