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by: myzz
Risk: High
My Bet:Vault

Vault an average team who managed to surprise people and take down 3sUP unexpectedly. LG on the other hand are a top NA side who have had a few ups and downs lately, but are still at least 2 tiers ahead of Vault. The RGN cup is not at the top of their priorities which makes this one slightly risky as they might just not care at all. I would put LG as the heavy favourites, but with this being a BO1, and in NA where upsets happen almost daily, I will go ICB on Vault, and suggest you do the same if you have skins to burn.

My odds for this match: LG 65:35 Vault

ICB = Inventory Cleaning Bet. Use this bet to clean up your unwanted 4 cent skins

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