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E-Frag vs. SK @99Damage Masters Predictions

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E-Frag have been playing pretty well lately. They haven’t been facing any super great teams, but they’ve been winning most of their matches. V1c7or and Dream3r are usually topfragging for E-Frag, but lately every player has been doing really well. They also recently played SK in a BO3 and won easily 2-0. SK only got eight rounds overall.

Sadly, this pretty much sums up how SK are playing right now. They might be having some internal problems or something, but they’ve been playing terribly. They lost 0-2 to Penta, 0-2 to E-Frag, and they can’t seem to string any rounds together at all. The only win they’ve had lately was against London Conspiracy.

SK have been playing really badly and E-Frag are the exact opposite right now. We saw SK lose 0-2 to E-Frag not long ago, and this will probably be a mirror of that game.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 70:30 SK Gaming


The Bulgarians have been doing extremely well lately as a T2 team, and they have recently come off a win at the UCC LAN, bringing home a cash prize of $3,000. E-frag stormed through that LAN and won it swiftly, going undefeated and they also didn’t even drop a map in the process. They beat Enervate and Piter twice. Just an overall good performance by them against the Russians.

Their last game before attending the LAN was ironically against SK, where they 2-0’d them with ease and only allowed them to take a total of 8 rounds across 2 maps. Prior to that, E-frag had took a thrashing to G2, tied the Worst Players and the day before that, won against SenteniaMortis and Orbit.


SK have made a roster change under 2 weeks ago, with SandeN going goodbye and MODDII coming in. I don’t know if he is a trial member or if he has been signed yet, but in my eyes, he is a better player than Sanden.

Earlier today, SK had a close loss against Dignitas on Inferno, where the map went into the final round before SK lost 14-16. SK has also lost against EnvyUs and Penta very recently. They have however won against LondonConspiracy (the bad one), 2-0 at the end of last month.


Will E-frag go all vacation mode for a few games after winning and coming home after LAN? We don’t really know that, but I’m going to make the assumption that they won’t. E-frag have smashed SK before with the same rosters for both teams, and they can sure as hell do it again. Winning a LAN must be very motivating and I do think that E-frag has the ability to win against SK. SK though they are a hit or miss team. Sometimes they just play horribly against teams which you wouldn’t expect them to lose against, but sometimes they show up and do very well.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 75:25 SK Gaming


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