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Match Predictions

by: myzz
Risk: High
My Bet:Liquid

Trifecta surprised people yesterday and managed to take down coL in a bo1, but people who know the NA scene, know the potential of their players, and know coL well, it was not THAT much of a surprise. They have a lot of talent in witmer and SicK especially, and are a very young raw team, that can make mistakes which costs them sometimes.

Taking from what I said earlier which also applies here : Liquid have been in pretty good form recently, and even looked stronger against EU teams than most people expected. They still have a lot of issues in their roster, with their main problem being they seem to have no idea how to play anti ecos, to the point where sometimes I am face palming watching it.

I would say Liquid should easily have enough to take at least 1 map here, and I would be incredibly surprised if they lost a map, let alone 2. I personally wouldn’t bet on Liquid here, but your skins should be safe on the Liquid boys.

My odds for this match: Trifecta 25:75 Liquid

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