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Both sides in pretty strong form right now, and this should be a very close game. Reason have won all their last few matches, and although they had a few roster issues they have looked strong. They managed to beat CSGL, XPC, Vexed and M&R all fairly comfortably. Orgless as well are in pretty good form, beating LC, CSLG, WP, and a 1-1 with M&R.

I would put the old Orbit slightly ahead, and reasons earlier game with Torpedo will affect the odds here quite heavily. It is best to wait for that game before deciding what to do here. My odds are 60-40 in favour of Orgless, and as the odds on CSGL are also the same, I would personally SKIP this if the odds stay the same, and after the Torpedo game, go on the side with the better odds. For example, if Reason drop below 35%, I would go on them. Otherwise Orgless, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Orgless 60:40 Reason


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