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World Championships 2015

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Canada vs. Belgium @World Championships 2015 Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Best underdog for tomorrow on the first sight, dont see how belgium deserves so much higher odds. Its a fucking bo1 …

Also lets just go over the lineups quickly.
ex6zten = medicore
scream = on some games not consistent
toinou = good talent, performs good usually
davidp = “onliner”/no big lan experience and a wild card
npk = same like davidp

Semphis = hyper aggresive player, sometimes stupid plays but on fire in some games.
FNS = sometimes good, sometimes bot
Naf-fly = good
daps = pretty much bot =D
davey = wildcard player but looked very solid when ever i watched him

I dont see how canada is just that much worse really. Think real odds should be 35% here at least. I think d2/cache/inferno would be good maps for canada.

For my 100$ challenge ill bet 5$ on canada and hope that odds stay stable on 20% would mean i could win 21$ which is over 10% of what i have right now.

If you are interested in betting and wanna talk about it or just interested in following what i think about matches feel free to follow me on twitter.

good luck

My odds for this match: Canada 35:65 Belgium

I honestly have no idea why the odds are so high right now. There’s a lot of randomness in this match, as it is a BO1.

The Belgium lineup is pretty good, with two players from Titan, one from LDLC White, and two from unknown teams I’ve never heard of before. X6tence is a pretty good IGL, but usually that’s when he has time to study his opponent, watch demos, and work with his team. I doubt he’s done that much with the Belgium lineup, so he won’t be too effective here. He also isn’t the best fragger, so he won’t be super helpful. Scream is definitely the best fragger on the team, and you should probably know that. To1nou is decent, but the other two players are wildcards. I’m not sure if they’ll play well or badly, and it’s that factor that will decide the outcome of this game.

Canada could have a better lineup, but the players they pulled up aren’t bad. FNS is a decent player from CLG, but he’s not really known for fragging. Semphis is the player that needs to step up for Canada, and he’s been doing really well for Complexity lately. Naf-Fly and Daps are decent fraggers from Conquest, but the wildcard for Canada is Davey. His online play has been pretty good, but we haven’t seen him at a big LAN.

Belgium should be favored but these odds are insane for a BO1. A low bet on Canada here works well, but it’s a pretty risky match. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Canada 37:63 Belgium