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Titan vs. mouz @CEVO Predictions

This will probably end 1-1 or 2-0 Titan, but there is a small chance Mouz could take it. Titan actually played four matches today, two against Mouz and one match each against EnvyUs and Fnatic. They surprised everybody by beating Envy on Mirage, but they lost one map to Mouz and were destroyed by Fnatic. The map they lost to Mouz was Mirage, which is normally one of Titan’s worst maps. However they did beat EnvyUs on Mirage, they usually play pretty badly on this map.They also played Mouz on Cache, and they won 16-10. Mouz kind of like Cache, so Titan played pretty well.

Mouz were pretty much expected to beat Titan on Mirage, but Cache should have been a little closer. Cache is a decent map for Mouz, and Titan don’t play it as much as Mouz do. While Mouz should have been able to win that, they did show that they can beat Titan on Mirage. I only see Mouz winning this if ChrisJ goes huge. He’s been pretty hit or miss for Mouz the last few games, and if he plays really well I can see Mouz taking this 2-0. Titan should be favored, but an ICB on Mouz is the smartest option due to the odds.

My odds for this match: Titan 60:40 mousesports

MouseSports – Only yesterday I mentioned how Mouz give me headaches before their matches began, and throughout the day, as their matches progressed, I got more and more headaches following their play. Nex had the worst game of his life on Cobble vs HR, where they managed to blow a 11:4 lead on the CT side of Cobble, then won Mirage 16:14, so not comfortable by any means, oh their CT side vs Titan on Cache sucked hard, and they lost that 16:10. On paper this Mouz lineup is deadly, however that’s why it’s on the paper and not the field of play, Mouz tends to be so inconsistent with how they play, it’s unreal. Obviously Mouz got a chance to get a map here, if not two as they have what it takes, it all comes down to if they are feeling it today, and we will never know that until the time comes.


Titan – So Titan had an alright day yesterday, they did get handed by Fnatic, however they beat Envy on Mirage, and Mouz on Cache which are impressive results, especially the Envy one. Obviously this Titan roster is still new and I believe finding their way after the addition of ScreaM, which like I’ve said should benefit them in the long run, however we are not at that stage yet I don’t think, he has shown very big impact for Titan thus far however. Titan are another team that just comes down to if they are feeling it on the day, they have the potential to be extremely good, however also have the potential to just look invisible in games.


Conclusion: So these two played two BO1’s yesterday, Mouz took Mirage and Titan took Cache, however judging by the day of the both teams, Titan had a better day overall I reckon. This honestly is a really close game in my eyes, really high risk and will most likely end in a 1-1. Between these two teams, it can largely depend who wins the 1v1 clutches, who just is having a good game, and who is having a poor game and what not. Mouz can’t afford to bring the display they brought vs HR yesterday if they are hoping to defeat Titan here. For me it’s a 55-45 in favor of Titan, I will slightly edge them due to their performances compared to Mouz’ yesterday. Mouz is currently at 25% on Lounge, so that pretty much sums up my bet, going to go low, 3% here on Mouz and hope for the sweet return, which I’m confident Mouz is confident in, they just need everybody on the same page. Really high risk, a low bet is the max I can recommend.


My odds = 55-45 Titan

Risk level = Hiiigh

My bet = 3% Mouz


My odds for this match: Titan 55:45 mousesports

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