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Titan vs. SK @ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

So a BO1 here on Cache. For SK I would not say it’s a good map what so ever, they rarely play it and when they do, the results do not go their way most of the time. For Titan, Cache is historically a good map for them. With this current roster they’ve only played it once I believe, and that was vs Mouz which they won 16:10, which is not shabby at all. Overall I definitely favor Titan on Cache by quite a margin.

Me and SK have a really up and down relationship, they are really inconsistent. They can be horrible at times, while at other times they can be quite good which is quite annoying. Obviously they lost Konfig as he decided to leave the team a few days ago, which is a bit hit for SK as in my eyes he was one of their better players. Tenzki also joined Dignitas so that is that. The expected SK roster, according to HLTV is this : Aciion, CadiaN, Friis, SandeN and Magiskboy. Not a bad team, however I doubt their chemistry will be there, and even so you can’t just not favor Titan strongly here.

Titan has been on the rise as of recent, all of their players are chipping in with really impactful performances, and they are honestly wonderful to watch at the moment. Like I’ve said, if everything goes to plan here, I definitely favor Titan. 80-20 for me here given that it’s a BO1 on Cache. I don’t recommend going high as at the end of the day it’s a BO1, however if the odds stay around 85%~ for Titan, I’d definitely would throw around 10% on them. If odds get stupid however, like 93-7 or such, just skip/ICB on SK.

Risk level = Medium

My odds = 80-20 Titan

My bet = Most likely 7% on Titan if odds stay decent.

My advice = Read conclusion.


Note: This analysis consists of factual information and my own personal opinion on the matchup mentioned above. Your opinion may differ completely, but this does not make mine nor yours wrong so please don’t give me stick for nothing. I am not really responsible for any losses, however if you followed my advice, we both probably got it wrong and I am down to cry in a teamspeak chat with you.

My odds for this match: Titan 80:20 SK Gaming