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NiP vs. Titan @Dreamhack Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Second good underdog bet on day one. I dont see Titan that far behind NiP. For me this feels more like a random 50/50 Gamble.
Both teams have a similar map pool so i guess we will see a super sick game here.

Map i guess we could see here:
D2,cobble or train.

Think all of this possible 3 maps are fairly balanced for both teams.

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My odds for this match: NiP 55:45 Titan

BO1 between Titan and NiP, really close and tricky, lets jump straight in.

Titan = So just recently picked up ScreaM which honestly, seems to have worked wonders for the team. ScreaM is not the most consistent of players by any means, and has games where he goes really quiet, and I mean really quiet, and he can not afford to let that happen vs NiP here. Whenever he is on fire however, he really can change the game by himself. I feel like a big reason for Titan’s recent success is that all of the players have been stepping up, there is no real dead weight in the team at the moment, which is really good to see as a part of me always has been a fan of Titan. Smithz is playing some of the best CSGO of his career at the moment, and if he can bring it to NiP here, along with Shox and ScreaM firing on all cylinders, that is a scary, scary trio to face let me tell you. Titan online has been really inconsistent, and like I said, that pretty much sums up Titan. They beat NiP most recently, their last match before the start of this major, however dropped to HR, nearly to SK, GrayFace and what not, which really are not comforting. Then they have really good results vs some of the tier 1 teams which, I mean is impressive. Overall with Titan I just think it comes down to that trio I mentioned, will they be up to play? Find out in 10 hours.

NiP = NiP is difficult to analyse and predict in general to be honest. They online at least appear to be really inconsistent, they have good results vs teams like Envy and TSM, but then struggle to Hellraisers and what not, and it’s just a mess to say the least. NiP is kinda famed for their major performances, and LAN’s in general, they always seem to have something tick together and just work during LAN’s they attend, and therefor can never be counted out if I have to be honest. The roster is still kinda in shambles, will there be a change, will there not be a change, we don’t know, the rumors sure suggest it but I guess time will tell. With NiP, it just comes down to how the players are feeling it honestly, will we see all the problems of recent come out or will we just see the nostalgic glory of NiP? Find out in 10 hours once again.

Conclusion = Ah this one in my opinion is the toughest to analyse out of all the day 1 matches. My favorites are going to be NiP for this one, 55-45 feels about right for them here, they historically are the better team, especially when it comes to LAN’s and even so, majors. Titan is deadly when on form, and that form will have to be shown in full effect to beat NiP, ScreaM can’t afford to go missing like he tends to do. Overall, since odds are good for Titan right now, I am simply going to place a low, 3% bet on them here, and recommend doing the same.

My odds = 55-45 NiP

Risk level = High

My bet -= 3% Titan

My advice = 3% Titan

My odds for this match: NiP 55:45 Titan