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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time we will take a look at Orgless facing of against Epsilon. It is a best of 3 and all maps are on TBA.

As some of you know orgless is playing with a little bit of a different line-up. Farmer and barcode left Orgless not to long ago and they got 2 new members instead : maeve and tabu.

Maeve is an ex-reason member. He is a decent player. Nothing special to say about him. He got a 1k/d and has 38.3% headshot rate.
Tabu is also an ex-reason member.I could say i think he is a decent player as well. Just like maeve he has a 1k/d ratio but he has almost 50% headshot rate.

Orgless has played 1 match with the new line-up. However that match they didn’t had NEY but s1mple. The match was against VP. Orgless won it but it looked like vp didn’t care at all. I’m a bit concerned about the communication between the new danish players and the old line-up of Orgless.

Epsilon should have a little bit of a tactic advantage in this best of 3 format. They have been together longer and they should have better tactics. However i think aim-wise they lack behind on Orgless. Epsilon is doing pretty good at the moment. They win most of their matches but i feel like these teams are worse then Orgless so it is still hard to call.

If you don’t want to bet on a risky match be sure to skip this one otherwise i would recommand a small bet on Orgless. I feel like they have a better aim and that can win them the match. I went 10$ on Orgless. We don’t know how orgless will play but i still feel like they have a little bit of an advantage here.


My odds for this match: Orgless 55:45 Epsilon

Orgless recently signed maeve and tabu which makes them more or less a new team, not sure how hard it will be for them to communicate with eachother. They have played 1 official so far but with s1mple instead of NEY which was against VP where they won but i wouldnt look to hard in to that game, it looked like VP didnt care at all even tho it was a pretty important match. Epsilon are just getting better and better but they havent played that good teams yet, they have the skill to make this really close and hopefully to take them down, since they are underdog i would bet on epsilon.

My odds for this match: Orgless 55:45 Epsilon


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