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Match Winner: LG

Match Predictions

by: myzz
Risk: High
My Bet:FE

Could be an interesting game, but could also be an underdog tease and LG could come out and stomp them. BO1 on train is always a random affair due to how CT biased the map can be. LG are not the strongest train side in the world, but thankfully they possess so much individual skill they can often get away with not playing that well on it.

FE have not played train all that much, but do have encouraging results from what I have seen. They have incredibly close games against Conquest and Complexity, which shows you the level they are at. The main problem for FE seems to be choking. They had 2 games last week against coL they should and could of won, and ended up losing them both. They have a lack of experience in their roster and this is costing them.

With the odds being how they are on CSGL, in my opinion the only logical thing you can do is go LOW/ICB on FE and hope they can bring their A game. This could be a blowout, but upset potential in a BO1 on train is always there.

My odds for this match: FE 30:70 LG

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