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VP vs. G2 at Starseries Predictions

Virtus Pro

VP have recently come home from the CEVO LAN which was hosted in the USA after winning the event which sported a $100,000 prize pot ($50,000 for travel support). They ended up winning the whole thing entirely and in the process only dropped 1 map and that was to Dignitas. VP won all of their matches, and this was against the likes of Conquest, Dignitas, Titan and Mouz. VP faced off against Mouz in the grand finals, and it was very one sided, with VP taking the finals 3-0. What surprised me even more was the stomp VP delivered, the final map scores were 16-8, 16-8 and 16-4 on Inferno, Mirage and Cobblestone. Probably the easiest prize money for VP ever.

Overall, VP did extremely well in CEVO LAN which made up for their performance in Cluj-Napoca, where ironically G2 knocked them out in the quarter finals.


G2 are still developing as a team, but they have been doing well enough to qualify for events which is great to see. At Cluj-Napoca, they played pretty well and reached the semi finals before getting eliminated by EnvyUs 1-2 and an insanely close game. G2 still did go home with $22,000 and wins against Mouz (twice) and Virtus Pro under their belts.

Since coming home though, it seems like their performance has dropped a little bit. Their first match since coming home was against LDLC White and G2 had a stand in (-jkaem +RUBINO) and LDLC White also had two stand ins (+Apex +Happy). This match shouldn’t be used for research since it was stand ins galore, but it ended as a 2-1 win for G2. Their other match and more recent one was against E-frag. G2 picked up the first map (Dust 2) but then went on to lose Inferno, bringing the series to the last map which was Cache. Cache went into OT but G2 was unable to do any work and close it out, and lost 19-22 and the series 1-2.

Final thoughts and advice

Will we see a post LAN effect for VP? Coming home from the US, will they be jet lagged? Will they take their usual ‘break’ after a big win? Who knows, but this match will be a good indicator to see if they will. Things for VP are looking grim at the moment in the SLTV Starseries League, since they are coming last in their group with 0 points and 1 loss and if they don’t win this one, the chances of them going to LAN get slimmer and slimmer.

G2 are tied with Orgless in their group with E-frag ahead of them. G2 want to win this to tie with E-frag point wise, and winning this will give them the points to do so and to keep VP at the bottom of the group.

Depending on the odds, I’ll go low-medium on G2 hoping that they will be able to make something out of this. I still think VP are the better team here, but considering everything, I think my skins will have a better chance to come back to me if I put them on G2.

My odds for this match: VP 60:40 G2

These two teams always having close scores, last time they played G2 won 2-0 at the last major. VP just returning home from their US trip where they won the cevo lan final against mouz, most time when VP returning from lans they tend to not play as good but this is an important game for them if they want to qualify for the Sl starseries lan same goes for g2. If odds stay around 40% on g2 i think this deserves a small bet on them.

My odds for this match: VP 60:40 G2

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