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VP 54
Fnatic 46
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Alright, so once we can bet on VP today :p fnatic’s train is just bad, even if they do have some good games (16-4 vs Dig inferno, win over Na’Vi on D2) they have just as many bad (loss vs mouz on overpass) especially on this map lately, they just got rolled by NIP on it. Last time they played VP was in an even bigger slump than now, and fnatic won in OT, but I don’t see it happening here again. They played twice before that recently and VP won both, one of them 16-5. Fnatic has too many things that could go wrong, Vuggo could come in if olof gets connection issues, and with dennis they clearly aren’t in top form teamwise. VP may have had some losses, but they didn’t play terrible, and vs nV showed what they can do even if nV didn’t seem too distraught by it.

When it boils down to it, not only has VP looked better but this map really favors them. It’s their best and fnatic’s instant veto. Because of that I’d go medium to small on them, there is always the chance for an upset but on this map VP have their best chance to take down the swedes.

My odds for this match: VP 60:40 Fnatic






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