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G2 vs. VP at Faceit Predictions

While normally I wouldn’t be so quick to favor a team who has just had roster changes, I think they are for the best and they have proved that they are working great. Not only that but G2 have a great track record vs VP.


VP played good yesterday, but not great, and this applies to the past week for them too. They lost to G2 on train, but that’s the third time in the past few weeks that’s happened vs G2. VP played good, their opposition just played better and had the clutches that tilted the game there way. Against NIP on mirage they got off to a good start, and were up 14-10 on CT side, but lost 16-14. This is not good because A. they made plain stupid decisions regarding strats and their economy, and B. on paper they should’ve never lost that. NIP’s mirage, especially their t side, isn’t the best, while it’s a good map for VP. The Poles then went on to dominate nV on cache, which looks great until you look at why it was possible. To start, VP did play amazing, that’s for sure, but not only did nV not have KennyS, a huge factor, but they had no motivation to win the game. They just didn’t seem to care too much.

G2 were on fire at cluj and were that close to make it to the finals, going out 2-1 to the eventual winner EnVyUs. Early on after that they had some struggles, only beating LDLCw 2-1 and even losing 2-1 vs EFrag. That is normal for a team after a major though. They went on after recovering to beat VP 2-0 and 16-13 on two separate occasions, and took down Penta pretty handily 2-0. Dennis recently moved on to fnatic, but they picked up a new fragger in aizy which is a decent upgrade, and he’s already proved his worth when he helped seal G2’s victory over VP on train a few days ago with a 1v4 clutch to break VP’s economy. Overall, they’re looking good.

Map wise cache is strong for both teams. VP just stomped nV on it, but like I said I think we should take that with a grain of salt. G2 are also really strong on cache. If we look back though, VP lost their last 7 matches on the map, against teams including Penta and Dignitas (16-4 loss there).

When it comes down to it G2 are in better form, have won all recent matchups between the two teams, and have a slight edge on the map. All that means I have to recommend a small to medium bet on them. Goodluck!

My odds for this match: G2 57:43 VP

Virtus Pro had extremely mixed results as of yesterday. Losing to G2, NiP, and Dignitas then throwing this huge swerving turn into the right direction, absolutely driving over EnVyUs on Cache, the exact map they’re going to be playing against G2. Many say that it was because of KennyS being absent from EnVyUs that day was the reason they lost but a team like EnVyUs should be able to have ACCEPTABLE performance even without KennyS. Virtus Pro either knows Cache very well or they just caught EnVyUs with their pants down multiple times in a row and I don’t think Virtus Pro is that lucky. In terms of the other matches Virtus Pro played, they had performed well, pulling close games, and although they may not be losses, they performed well.

On the other hand, G2 is also performing well although their past Cache performances is telling me that they’re not prepared to take Virtus Pro on Cache. G2 has a shakey past on Cache and the only win they’ve pulled in the past few games on cache ended up with only winning against Mouz. G2 has a great lineup, but they’re performance on Cache is weaker than Virtus Pro’s.

For now, I’ll be calling this for Virtus Pro, although G2 has a chance at taking this considering the talent on the team. This match will be good to watch.

My odds for this match: G2 45:55 VP

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