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Winner Fnatic
Live Odds
Fnatic 52
EnVyUs 48
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Match Predictions

Fnatic recently acquired Dennis instead of Pronax, and in my opinion it was a pretty good pickup. While barely having him and practicing with him, they’ve already had some pretty good results with him. They’ve had wins against Na’Vi, Dignitas, Virtus Pro, and more with him and it keeps looking better. Their only recent loss was against NiP, on Train.

Envy haven’t been having the best of matches recently. They lost 4-16 to Virtus Pro on Cache, and they lost yesterday to Flipsid3 1-2 in a close match. Right now they don’t really look like the EnvyUs we’re used to seeing. Inferno is a pretty strong map for Envy, and they usually get pretty good results on it.

Fnatic recently beat Dignitas 16-4 on this map, which does show they are fine with Dennis on it. In BO1s pistol rounds can matter a lot, so if either team wins both thye have a huge advantage. Normally I would say low on Envy, but it seems like Fnatic are on their new roster high right now, and Envy haven’t looked as good. Good luck!

My odds for this match: Fnatic 57:43 EnVyUs






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