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Fnatic vs. TSM at Starseries Predictions

Both teams are in pretty good form it seems lately. Fnatic recenlty lost to SK on overpass, but that was an ESL match where fnatic didn’t need it and SK did, also SK looked good. Still, that is not at all a good result. Other than that they’ve had one other bad result (a stomping by NIP on train) and mainly other good results, including crushing Na’Vi in a 2-0 win, 16-3 both maps, beating VP on train 16-10, beating nV on inferno 16-10, and crushing Dig on inferno too.

The bad: VP isn’t in good form, nor is nV. Na’Vi isn’t amazing either in this form. That SK loss was not fun to watch.

TSM we haven’t seen much from recently, because they’ve been on vacation which is not good at all for them. The last time we saw them come back from one they went out 2-0 vs HR and EFrag at IEM gamescon. What we did see today was alright though, crushing mouz, winning 2-0 over HR with a close map and a not so close one, and a loss to nV.

The bad: Mouz are playing so bad, that’s not that impressive. HR got them into double OT on a map. The loss to nV, who aren’t playing well, but it was cbbl.

Map wise:

D2 – 60-40 TSM, fnatic is looking better and better on it, still TSM pretty favored here.
Overpass – 50-50, neither team looks good here recently at all
Train – 50-50, fnatic have been improving a bit, haven’t seen TSM on it lately
Inferno – 60-40 fnatic, they’ve looked really strong lately on it
Mirage – 55-45 fnatic, they’ve been looking good here too, a close one though
Cbbl – TSM auto ban, but 65-35 fnatic
Cache – 51-49 fnatic, both teams looking good on it lately but edge to fnatic

So the slight edge to fnatic here, but not by much.

As it seems, TSM will ban cbbl, and fnatic will want to ban overpass, dust2, train, or cache. TSM will pick one they don’t, and fnatic will ban another. The last map will be map 3. If I had to guess the maps I’d say they’ll end up being either D2/overpass, inferno, and cache. But this could go any way really.

I digress, map wise fnatic is favored, recent form I want to give them the edge too, and TSM just getting back from holiday is huge.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 55:45 TSM

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