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Winner Conquest
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CLG 42
Conquest 58
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Conquest and CLG are both teams who have looked really hot a few weeks ago, but very recently have dropped off. Conquest had their breakthrough performance at CEVO LAN, but failed to amount to anything at the iBP LAN. It’s worth noting they dropped out of the RGN LAN to focus on their ESL games, which this is.

CLG had terrible performances at both iBP and RGN LANs, which is pretty worrisome for them here, because they are a LAN team through and through. While they do have decent online results they pale in comparison to their LAN results, so when the latter is slumping you should be worried. It’s also bad for them in that they played at iBP and RGN going into this as they’ll be worn out much more than Conquest who had a break.

Map wise, it’s decent for both. CQ almost took it (inferno, CLG’s pick) from VP at CEVO, but flopped on it vs C9 at iBP. CLG haven’t played it for a while but did beat Liquid on it last time they played it, and put up a good fight vs Na’Vi on it.

Standings wise is ESL these teams are tied for 3rd, with a few teams right on their tail, and since only the top 4 move on they’ll both want it.
Because of the fact CLG will be more worn out, Conquest are better prepared for this, and CLG having two bad LANs, I’ll go small-medium on Conquest.

My odds for this match: CLG 43:57 Conquest






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