AlienTech AllStars

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Winner KeyD
Live Odds
KeyD 38
Epsilon 62
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KeyD are up and coming and are relateable to the likes of AlienTech and BulletsRage. They have been performing well lately too, getting 14 rounds off of VP on mirage, beating BulletsRage 2-1, and losing a close 2-1 vs AlienTech.
Epsilon is a very low T3 team, who don’t have really good results lately, going 0-2 vs ESC. They did beat nerdrage and ESC in a BO1, but still those were Bo1’s. Just before that they lost to AliGon, a no name team. While Epsilon’s skill ceiling is higher, KeyD are a more stable team. They also have a better map pool. Epsilon’s bread and butter is cache, train is a close second but other than that they don’t have much. On the other hand KeyD have a strong mirage, inferno, overpass, and cbbl. Their train is also comparable, and cache is one of their main vetoes as they aren’t strong on it. KeyD also have a better lineup to me. They may not have players that can go as frag crazy as epsilon, LuL4 and zqKS are stable and super strong fraggers, both usually putting up at least 20 a map.
Really, these odds don’t match up. People think of Epsilon as “EU”, but really they are just low tier 3. No, this is not a sure win for KeyD, but I do think they are favored a bit and the odds aren’t accurate. As such, considering it’s a high risk bet I’d go small on KeyD, maybe 4%. Goodluck

My odds for this match: KeyD 55:45 Epsilon






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