AlienTech AllStars

Best Of 1


Winner KeyD
Live Odds
KeyD 81
uPG 19
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Match Predictions

tchekA is by far uPG’s best player, he consistently top frags for them. Soulzor is also usually up there. Looking at recent results, they seem to have a really strong cache, along with a decent inferno. We have seen them upset KeyD before in a BO1 before.

KeyD are up and coming and are relateable to the likes of AlienTech and BulletsRage. They have been performing well lately too, getting 14 rounds off of VP on mirage, beating BulletsRage 2-1, and losing a close 2-1 vs AlienTech. LuL4 and zqKS are great fraggers for KeyD, and almost always show up. They have the stronger map pool too almost for sure.
While everything points to KeyD winning this, we have seen these teams play two BO1’s, and uPG managed to take one of them. While they may not have the LAN experience, they certainly do have the upset potential, more than odds would suggest. Because of this I’d either go very low on uPG or skip this game. It’s not worth the risk to bet on KeyD with the upset potential here. Goodluck!

My odds for this match: KeyD 72:28 uPG






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