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Match Predictions

by: Anzium
Risk: Medium
My Bet:KFish

Two pretty new teams with kfish having the better results so far but nothing really impressive. PlayingDucks are very inconsistent they have had a pretty close bo3 against Fraternitas and Epiphany in the past but they also got destroyed by E-Frag only managing to get 7 rounds in 2 maps. They rely heavily  on Fxy0 to get alot of frags and im not sure hes even playing. Personally i would stay away from this match.

My odds for this match: KFish 60:40 Ducks

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For tier 2/3 Teams, if the odds change suddenly, e.g. a 5% swing to the underdogs 10 min before the game. This is generally an indication that something strange is going on and you should consider changing your bet to the underdog because of a potential throw.

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