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Match Predictions

by: Mr. Sloth
Risk: Low

Penta should be able to take this game fairly easily. Their recent online play hasn’t been great, losing pretty convincingly to both SK 1-3 and Fraternitas 0-2, but it’s not like it’s been all losses for Penta. Their two most recent matches were ties against E-Frag and Property, which isn’t too bad.

uX are a German team who have a few decent players, and they’ve actually been able to cause a few teams some trouble recently. They beat Playing DucksĀ and Evolution 2-1, teams who you would think would beat uX 2-0. However, uX have recently played Penta in a BO3 and lost 0-2, with only 12 rounds all together on both maps. Penta are the more experienced team here with better players individually, and they should be able to take this.

Finally, this match is a BO2. BO2s are usually very good for betting on the favorite, as I doubt Penta will lose two maps in a row against uX. I tie is possible, but Penta should be taking this one fairly easily.

My odds for this match: UX 20:80 Penta

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