Balkan Championship

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Winner AClub
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So two Romanian teams going at it here in a BO1. I looked at the lineups and did some research and some of these guys used to play with eachother, so they might be similar on playstyles and what now. Overall I think that NextPlease is the better team here, however will not be betting here and do not recommend it either. Balkan matches are not ones that I like to bet on, low prizepool, BO1’s, mostly unknown teams, just not worth it honestly. With the major just around the corner, you’d be pretty desperate to bet on this honestly, just skip this. I mean if AClub gets really poor odds I guess you can ICB them, but I would just recommend completely ignoring this. Not worth it.


Skip this for your own sake, a lot better matches out there.

My odds = 60-40 NextPlease

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice =Skip

My odds for this match: AClub 40:60 neXtP


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