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Adapt vs. Rival at RGN Pro Series Predictions

Once again I’m really surprised with the odds here, Adaptation are in ESEA Premier which is above Rival who are in ESEA Main, it may seem like RivaL’s results are better as they are 11-4 in ESEA Main, while Adaptation are currently at 6 wins and 9 losses, however Adaptation’s opponents were better, they played teams like ProspectsGG, DWG and Echo Fox, they actually managed to beat Prospects and got 14 rounds against Echo so these results are pretty good. Adaptation also have a decent roster, inVert is a great player and an insane awper, draWsouL is also a very experienced player as he was playing on the Premier level basically from the start of CS:GO.

RivaL are 11-4 in Main, but after checking their matches I couldn’t find anything impressive, most of NA’s Main teams are pretty bad, so they beat a bunch of them and also lost four matches, RivaL are also 13-1 in CEVO Main but I checked their matches and couldn’t find a single decent team, so while RivaL is still a pretty good team, they still need to prove themselves by beating a better team.

This match is just another lower tier 50-50 match with stupid odds, really stupid odds actually. Adaptation is my pick, this match could go either way so just bet on the underdog.

One thing I forgot to mention is that RivaL actually beat Adaptation 2-1 in a very close series once, but it was 2 months ago and I’m pretty sure the lineup were slightly different so it doesn’t really matter.

My odds for this match: Adapt 50:50 Rival

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These two teams have played a few times before and they were close games and therefore I feel like the odds should be closer than they are right now. Rival have been on CSGL a few times the last few days, and have pretty mixed results. They are not a bad side though and can cause some upsets to sides a higher level than they are. Their opponent tonight, some of you might remember their players from the old lunatik. InVert and drawsoul especially should sound familiar to you. They are some players who on their day can perform above their level, it just unfortunately does not happen that often. Handled as well is a decent player. Overall, these two have played twice before, each winning one time, in incredibly close maps. This for me is a lot closer to 55-45/60-40 at max and at these odds, I would go LOW on Adapt.

My odds for this match: Adapt 50:50 Rival

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