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AGG vs. TeamX at StarSeries Season 2 Predictions

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Honestly I lost all my trust in AGG after their match against dignitas, they got wrecked by a team that didn’t even practice or play the game at all for the last few weeks and also had a stand in for one of their key players, yet AGG still got wrecked 1-16 / 8-16 after winning the first map, pretty unreal considering that AGG played very well in the previous matches, but well, they are known for being extremely inconsistent so I guess we should get used to that.

Team X have been playing extremely well ever since the roster shuffle between them and ex-SK Gaming, they’ve lost only 3 matches ever since the team was formed, other than that Team X managed to beat TyLoo, Spirit, dignitas, PENTA, MK, ENCE and few weaker teams, there were few surprisingly close matches that Team X should have won easily, for example their best of two match against Pride which Team X still managed to win, although it was 16-14 on both maps, so that was quite scary.

Without a doubt Team X is a better team here and should have a decent advantage, they are very good on AGG’s best maps which is great for them and I’m pretty sure they will take this match, it might be close but I’m very confident with Team X here.

My odds for this match: AGG 30:70 TeamX

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AGG were so bad in moments yesterday I honestly could not tell if they were throwing or not, I don’t get the thought process in their heads when they are making certain plays. Against lesser sides they get away with it, but against higher opposition, it is going to cost them. They are actually not a bad side when they are on their game but that does not happen very often. Team X have for the most part, seemed good since they formed and they will really want to take this game today. Starseries is still one of the biggest events and they will want to get through this group with Dignitas. I do think that Team X are easily the most likely to take this game with a slight caution due to how AGG can play sometimes. LOW/MED on Team X for me here.

My odds for this match: AGG 25:75 TeamX

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