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AGG vs. VwS at Hitbox Challenger Predictions

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Another match I would rather skip, but something that caught my attention is the fact that VwS actually beat AGG two days ago, it was a best of one match on mirage, VwS had a very strong CT half which they finished 11-4, kinda struggled on the T side but managed to close it out 16-13, other than that VwS also beat Tricked eSport and Delete (ex-Alpha), they are pretty decent, definitely better than people think.

AGG are very inconsistent, they played with a stand in yesterday and might play with him today as well, their recent results are not that good either, they tied against Kinguin, beat PRIDE a couple of times, lost against PENTA, Millenium and even beGenius whoever that is, AGG also lost few ESEA matches which they should have won, 9-16 against Delete, but I can actually understand this one because it was on Inferno and AGG have no reason to practice that map anymore, they also lost against LGR (ex-RCTIC) and VwS as I already mentioned before.

I’m still not entirely convinced about VwS upsetting them here, but it’s definitely possible and everything is perfectly set up for a small underdog bet, AGG are struggling, VwS beat them 2 days ago and the odds are extremely inaccurate.

My odds for this match: AGG 60:40 VwS

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AGG are a side that I try to stay away at all costs. They are really bad then really good then really bad again. They are impossible to predict and this makes predicting them almost impossible too. They are playing without Hyper I believe today, and will be using kamil. This is not confirmed yet, but another thing to think about when betting on this game. On top of this, VwS actually beat them in a BO1 in ESEA. It was a close match, but being them on Mirage is a good result, and at least shows you they can compete. Overall, I do expect AGG to take this game, but with their 5th maybe not playing, how inconsistent they are, how they lost to them before, at these odds, really LOW on VwS is all you can do.

My odds for this match: AGG 65:35 VwS

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Option 1Bet AGG if odds 65% or less

Small (3%)

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