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Anox vs. eXtatus at Game Show Spring Predictions

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Once again a match which I would skip most of the time, but surprisingly this is one of the best matches we have today… The rest of the matches are between tier 3 / tier 4 teams and I’m definitely not gonna touch those.

Let’s get into it, Anox is ex-Method for those who don’t know, at least they used to be at the start, right now they have two players from the old lineup – dERZKIY and facecrack who are pretty good, hitMouse and jR are also decent, Lk- is terrible though, I have no idea what is he doing in that team, I think he used to be a caster or something, definitely not a player as he’s average rating is at 0.75 at the moment, and he played against crappy tier 3 teams, so that’s really bad. Either way, Anox played pretty bad in their previous matches, the last two went fine as they managed to beat Enso and Alpha, but the other matches against PENTA, Orbit and Quest went really bad as ANOX got steam rolled there, some of their keys players didn’t show up which could be the reason, but overall ANOX are just bad and that’s the main reason of these losses.

I don’t really know eXtatus that much, they managed to beat eSuba twice which is not that good of a result anyway, but that’s already something, they also beat a couple of??less known teams like eEriness although struggled against them a bit, and then the last match was against “fruits” which is a mix team of flash/NEY/Barcode and their friends, and as expected – eXtatus got wrecked as they won only a single map in a best of five.

So both teams are pretty bad overall, eXtatus may have looked better in these matches but I would go with Anox due to their experience and stuff, let’s just hope Lk- will??get some kills this time.

My odds for this match: Anox 60:40 eXtatus

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I find it hard to really understand these odds. The Anox guys might not be the best side, but they have all been in decent CIS sides before, except for perhaps LK. Exatus do not really have results against higher tier sides, except for beating eSuba, which honestly is not really the most impressive or results. Some of their players used to actually be in eSuba before as well. Anox on paper, with players like jR might even have a stronger roster than their opponent today, and them being underdog confuses me slightly. Overall, this could be a close game with it being a BO1, and as always with these, map, sides, and pistol rounds will decide the outcome. LOW on Anox for me here.

My odds for this match: Anox 55:45 eXtatus

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Option 2Bet eXtatus if odds 42% or less

Small (2%)

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