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Anox vs. LLL at Game Show Spring Predictions


Ehm don’t bet this lol. Seriously, of course we are all aware of the news Valve broke down about gambling and what not, and I am certain that this announcement is playing in the back of a lot of lower tier players and some big guys who have a lot of money to spend on some shady stuff to win more money. The thing is, the lower tier players even before the whole gambling site shutdown announcement were fishy as heck, and now that they know they are basically screwed if gambling sites are gone, financially that is and just viewer wise, I am 100% there will be brave heroes wanting to quickly grab any last cash they can before heading out, since they know they aren’t good enough to make the big leagues and therefor they will have next to no income basically and all this mess. There is no reason for these players not to, the thing that will happen to you is a life time ban form the game, ok so? You are not planning to probably play it competitively anymore anyway due to the recent news. Maybe I am paranoid, but no way am I betting on these two teams in a 3 thousand dollars for winner tournament that matters to nobody, oh hell no lol. I do think that Anox should be favored here and are the better team by a bit, especially seeing how LLL lost Crucial who for me was their best player by a quite a bit. The Anox guys do have a lot of familiar faces which just bring bad, bad memories. I am not saying there is shady stuff going on here, however until this whole thing is settled and what not, I do not plan on betting on low tier matches in low tier tournaments, on teams that I know can be shady at least that is. 60-40 Anox.


Skip this, really not worth it. Anox should win

My odds = 60-40 Anox

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Anox 60:40 LLL

Hard to call game because of the big loss for LLL in the form of CRUC1AL. He was their best player and without him they are missing a massive fragging power. The new roster for Anox has shown has good and bad things so far. They had a really poor loss against ATN, and a good win over Delete. Their best map is Mirage and I hope LLL stays away from this today. It appears their 5th for today is Sliggy, and I honestly have not seen him play that much. He will be a lot weaker than CRUC1AL, and this limits how well they will do here. LLL did have some semi decent results before, such as taking a map off both ATN and ATN. Without CRUC1AL this is still a 70-30 game max for me, so if you want to bet, go REALLY LOW on LLL.

My odds for this match: Anox 67:33 LLL

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Option 1Bet Anox if odds 67% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Not much time left so I’ll try to be quick here, basically LowLandLions is a mix right now, apparently they have two new players and lost CRUC1AL who was their best player and carried them most of the time, even then LowLandLions didn’t perform that well at all, they lost against epsilon, Alternate, AGG and few weaker teams, managed to beat LGR and somehow upset Orbit, but they had robiin and CRUC1AL in that match, and they played super well.

ANOX are basically 15-0 in ESEA Open, they have one forfeit loss but since the match wasn’t played I’m not gonna count it, ESEA Open level is pretty low so that’s not as impressive as some people may think, but ANOX also did fine in regular cups and other events, they demolished Delete twice, beat few weaker teams like Enso and eXtatus, and got wrecked by PENTA, Orbit and Alternate, so not the best results either.

So this match is indeed very scary and risky, the odds are also really bad, but I think ANOX will take it as they played together for a while and their players seem to be better, one thing I’m affraid of is Lk-, I think he’s a caster or something and I have no idea what is he doing in that team, either way, I’d go with a medium bet on ANOX even though it may not be the best idea here.

My odds for this match: Anox 70:30 LLL

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