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Arcade vs. Revolution at Rising Stars Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Arcade were really unfortunate not to reach the final at the recent LAN event, but just came up short against a decent Rebels side. They should still be happy with how they did, taking down Method, the ex-Piter roster was a good result and performance.

Their opponent for today, is a pretty unknown CIS side. Some of them played for their national sides where honestly their performances were not the most impressive, and this roster clearly does not have the skill required to take down a roster such as the one from Arcade. I would usually suggest going MED on Arcade, but some of their games in the past have filled me with doubt. Namely these two matches : http://csgolounge.com/match?m=5362 and http://csgolounge.com/match?m=3079. These were two games I honestly did not expect them to lose, and they played really poorly, and some questioned the results.

Because of these past games, I honestly feel like the safest option is to just SKIP this game. If all things go as planned, then Arcade should walk away with a 2-0 here, but judging from what we have seen before, I wouldn’t put my skins on it. SKIP and wait for the other games.

My odds for this match: Arcade 75:25 Revolution

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Going to keep this one shorter than usual, since my bet is so one sided and not much explaining is needed. 


So Arcade is one of the better CIS teams, previously going by Vega Squadron for those who might not know them fully. They aren’t the best, best out there, however they can be quite decent when they are on form, and have shown that over time, such as their result just a few days ago versus Rebels, which honestly they should’ve had 2-0 but the first map went into a crazy OT which they lost. Now what is cycling around is a few matches that Arcade has lost vs lesser known teams, where they’ve had high odds like 85% and what not, however I trust that Arcade aren’t necessarily bad people and should be able to close this one out. It does play in the back of my mind, but then again Arcade has also won a couple of high advantage games, so take it with a pinch of salt. At the end of the day, Envy has lost to E-Frag and CLG.


Not much to say about these guys to be perfectly honest here, not many of them ring a bell, at all. They’ve got two players, SNK and Pachanga that play, or well used to at least for Project Skyline, which wasn’t anything good to be honest, they weren’t very good. The others just seem to be random players thrown into the team, so my expectations are not very high. Overall, not a ton of info on these guys, however I am confident that they should not be able to bother one of the best CIS teams in a BO3 right now. Lets hope I am not proven wrong.


Like I already touched on, not too much information on Revolution, however I am somewhat confident that in a BO3 they should not be able to bother a team like Arcade, as long as everything stays clean, and we put those 85% losses aside for Arcade. I discussed this game with a few guys that I trust and maxbet themselves, and they all seem rather confident in Arcade to take this easily, so that is that too. The skill gap should simply be too high. If you have a maxbet set, maxbet this as long as Arcade stays below 92%. If you do not have a maxbet set, you are in a tricky situation, however if Arcade is below 85% perhaps, you could go high, of course strongly depending on your own budget. What I am trying to say is, if you got a maxbet set, you can use it here. If you don’t, make sure your inventory is of enough size to get a return here.


Like I said above, going to be maxbetting here. Keep in mind guys, a maxbet is 300$, not an allin, not 290, it’s 300. If I lose this I can recover, so I am ready to take the risk. This is not necessarily the best game to maxbet on, due to the lack of info, however I am pretty confident.

My odds = 80:20 Arcade

My risk = Low

My bet = Maxbet(300$) Arcade

My advice = Maxbet Arcade. If no maxbet, but decent inventory, high, 15% on Arcade.

My odds for this match: Arcade 80:20 Revolution

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