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Astralis vs. CLG at ELeague Predictions

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Astralis should be able to take this match very comfortably, CLG are still playing with pita and even though they did just fine, Astralis is the better team and should end up winning this match. Astralis kinda struggled against NRG eSports twice, I can understand the struggle in the first match since karrigan wasn’t playing and they used zonic instead, karrigan was able to play in the second series and surprisingly enough it was even closer than the first one. Astralis also dropped a map against SK Gaming but absolutely crushed CLG, and they also used zonic in the matches against CLG so that’s even more embarassing for the North American team.

CLG are handicapped by having pita, it seems like he’s not very good at getting kills and CLG are missing fragging power, but he’s a decent in game leader at least, either way, CLG went 1-1 against SK Gaming in the first match, got wrecked by Astralis with zonic, went 1-1 against NRG eSports and managed to beat SK Gaming 2-1 although the last map (overpass) was a disaster, CLG went 12-3 first half and even won the pistol round, but they choked and barely won the map 16-14, it was pretty scary.

Not sure if there’s anything to add, basically I don’t see CLG winning a best of three against Astralis, definitely not with pita as their 5th, their fragging power is just too weak right now, Astralis should be able to win this quite easily.

My odds for this match: Astralis 80:20 CLG

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Astralis have looked far from convincing so far. Against NRG, they really struggled, and you have to say that was against a side weaker than the one they face today. The maps are already out, so we can look at them a bit. Mirage, D2, Overpass. This could easily be a 2-0 for astralis, but if by some magic, we can get to the 3rd map, it could be a good game. Astralis are decent on Mirage, but not amazing. They were once the best D2 side in the world, and they are arguably the best Overpass side in the world. D2 and Overpass, are maps that CLG likes to play, but I still think they will find the going really tough against astralis, and I think the chances for an upset are really small here. CLG playing with Pita in my view, makes their chances even lower. At these odds though, and how astralis have played so far, CLG to take 1 map on Fanobet, and ICB on CSGL seems to make the most sense.

My odds for this match: Astralis 80:20 CLG

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