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337.4 Steam Hours
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Kjaerbye dupreeh Xyp9x karrigan device
Smike STYKO Zero bondik ANGE1

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Astralis vs. HellRaisers Predictions

Even though astralis are looking pretty bad right now, they should not be losing to teams like HR. They will playing the same two maps again so at least they should have warmed up on them. You could argue that it will also mean that HR can have seen what they did and how they played the maps, but honestly even if they knew what they did, I don’t think it will be enough. Astralis are far superior in every way, and on fire power alone, they should take this. HR of course have dropped smike for DeadFox, who is a good player, but they won’t have the synergy and team work yet and this should cost them in a game like this. It is still a BO1, and anything is possible. 2X LOW on astralis.

My odds for this match: Astralis 65:35 HR

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Alrighty second map between these two and it is Train. Now like I asid in the previous analysis, DeadFox is of course trying out for Hellraisers and while he is a good player and will probably improve them more than Smike did, he isn’t really that sort of player who will carry you versus Astralis, or well in theory shouldn’t. Astralis has seen a rise in form recently which I like sicne Astralis has always had potential as a team, just isn’t working out. I also find it funny how people say Heroic is better than Astralis…no…ok maybe they got a result better here or there, but no way is Heroic consistently and long term going to be better than Astralis lol. That out of the way, Hellraisers are in pretty shocking form right now and the absence of Oskar has obviously left a big dent in their squad, one that I do not think anyone in that team can fullfill. Astralis should be looking to take this to get some W’s under their name and qualify for the LAN of course. Overall, 75-25 Astralis here


7% Astralis

My odds = 75-25 AST

My risk = Med

My bet= 7% Astralis

My advice = 7% Astralis

My odds for this match: Astralis 25:75 HR

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