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Astralis vs. Method at Game Show Global Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


Not really much to say here, Astralis are prepared and definitely want this win this game and this tournament as well obviously. The only team they might have trouble with should be nV or G2, all the other remaining teams should get stomped by Astralis. Astralis aren’t just 2 tiers above Method, but Method also have 2 stand-ins. Infact, a stand-in for their best player Spaze. Now, FejtZ is a decent aimer and can definitely frag but I don’t think he will make up for the things Spaze does. Method aren’t looking good at all with this line-up, it’s a huge downgrade from their actual line-up so I can’t really see Method having any chance at this lan against any team.


Pretty straight forward, Astralis can’t and shouldn’t lose this against a tier3 team. The maps won’t really matter as I favour Astralis on all maps (we obviously know they will veto Cobblestone). This should be a 2:0 to Astralis.


I will personally be maxing this one, and if you have a maxbet set ($300) then you might want to follow me. If you don’t have a maxbet set then just go high on Astralis and hope you get some overpay.

My odds for this match: Astralis 85:15 Method

Might be the simplest prediction yet. Method with 2 stand-ins won’t be putting up much of a fight here. Even with their main 5, I think it would be difficult for them to match up against astralis, even if they can be inconsistent at times. There is no way I can see them losing a game like this. They have better teamwork, fire power, tactics, skill, map pool, you name it, they have more of it. It would take one of the biggest upsets in the history of betting for Method to take this game without their full strength roster. If you have some max bet skins, then MAX on astralis. If you don’t have high value skins, the odds for this game honestly won’t be good by the time it starts and you may as well SKIP.

My odds for this match: Astralis 80:20 Method

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Going to keep this one a bit shorter since straight to the point. Wasn’t going to analyse this since the boys got it covered, but considering every other match I’ve finished, why not. 



So obviously Ex-TSM here, top 5 team in the world, they should really be winning this, even with any sort of lack of preparation. There is not much to say about Astralis, they are just so much better skillwise and as a team tactically than Method here. Granted they have not been in the best form for quite some time now, however this tournament, and this match especially is one that they should be taking. I can understand their poor form, especially recently as they were more concentrating on their org stuff and what not than actual CSGO, however that’s past them now and they should be back on the grind. Not much to say really, just a blind one, Astralis should be winning these. Astralis is not a team that I necessarily like betting high on, especially as underdog as they tend to be quite inconsistent, however this would be a whole new level of fuckery.


Like no disrespect, but by the words of Pasha, no chance my friend. I almost want to give Method like 5% chance here or something, however no disrespect. Obviously they are going to have two standins for this matchup, it’s a LAN, and I just do not see it happening. Do not get me wrong, Method is decent in their region, however when you have two standins and you are playing versus Astralis in a BO3 on a LAN, I just feel sorry for you. They have some close upsets under their belt, like versus Gambit and stuff, but eehh, I’ve no idea how they made this LAN.


Like as I said, I almost want to give this match like a 95-5 but got to have some respect + Astralis is not consistent so gotta be wary. Astralis really should not be losing this, Method is the worst team by far in this LAN, and overall in a BO3 they should not be troubling Astralis here. Pretty short analysis, but honestly there is not much to say. 85-15 in favor of Astralis here, low risk, going to maxbet them here.


Going to be maxbetting Astralis here, so basically a high bet. Don’t see them losing, my only concern is that the odds become like 96-4 or something which is a very strong possibility, and at that point I might just not even bother since not that desperate for an AK Redline FT and some Famas Colonies. Recommend doing the same.

My odds = 85-15 Astralis

My risk = Low

My bet = High Astralis

My advice = High Astralis



My odds for this match: Astralis 85:15 Method

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