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Astralis vs. mouz at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Should be easy for Astralis, because Mirage is one of their best maps, and they’re on form at the moment. They won their group at IEM, without losing. In the semi-final fnatic beat them 1-2. They played pretty well, I think they were a bit dissapointed after that loss, and haven’t been practicing enough. Every enemy of Astralis, veto Mirage for sure, you saw this at IEM aswell.

Mousesports play same pretty decent Mirage, but it’s not their best map. IMO they have just a little chance to win this map, but they can do it. They have very good CT side on Mirage, and if they surprise the Danish players with a good T side, it is possible to make it. Mouz got a stronger group than Astralis and i think they did everything they could to get our of the group, almost beating fnatic and LG along the way. (17-19 and 14-16)

The most recent Mirage head to head Astralis won, but it was really close match. (22-19) Mouz need a stronger Terrorist side, and they can win it but it’d be a surprise. This game will be very close, so its very risky, I’d recommend an ICB on Mouz

ICB on Mouz

My odds for this match: Astralis 60:40 mouz

A match that has been played multiple times and I don’t think Mousesports were ever able to win with this line-up against Astralis. The most recent H2H match on Mirage was close, Mousesports should have won that one but somehow Astralis managed to force it to OT and even win it. It seems like Mousesports beating Astralis is a thing that could happen one day, but it really depends on the map. Astralis as of now just look really strong, especially against tier2 teams they’re showing us why they belong in tier1. Past weeks they have been consistently beating teams left and right, the only team who they haven’t won against is fnatic.

Mousesports are on and off and simply rely on NiKo. Mirage is one of those maps where NiKo and chrisJ have to step up although chrisj recently doesn’t look that good. He’s been having a bad time lately and is really struggling to get his awp on point. IMO awps are important on a map like Mirage to get entries and to keep midcontrol. Astralis are the best team in the world when it comes to midcontrol in Mirage, they always get it and once you try fighting for it, you lose.

The thing is, the most recent H2H on Mirage was incredibly close. The reason of this was because both chrisj and NiKo dropped 35+ frags and this is a really rare occasion. Astralis overall weren’t looking good in that match either so I just think that Astralis will win it more easily this time unless NiKo and chrisj go huge again.

Medium (10%) on Astralis when -75% for Astralis | ICB on Mousesports when +75% for Astralis

My odds for this match: Astralis 70:30 mouz

Don’t really understand these odds when mouz gave astralis an incredibly close game on the same map before, a game they should have won. Astralis of course are just back from LAN as well, and although the same came be said for mouz, at least they have had a few days more to recover and rest. The key points for mouz are 3 players that need to play well for them to have a chance. Firstly is NiKo, who seems to be a one man army sometimes. The second and 3rd are nex and chrisJ, who have both looked poor lately and need to perform today for them to have a chance.

Overall the odds make no sense here, and although I think astralis will take it, at 25% odds for mouz, the most logical thing to do is go ICB on mouz. Mirage is a map they like and a map they can upset on if they have a few things coming together.

My odds for this match: Astralis 65:35 mouz

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