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Astralis vs. Team123 Predictions

Yet another danish matchup featuring Astralis and seriously if they lose this one I’m done. Astralis have been getting worse and worse ever since they replaced cajunb with Kjaerbye, I’m not saying it was a bad change, but seriously Astralis used to be like top 3 world, and now? They are maybe top 3 in denmark but that’s it. Either way, doesn’t matter how bad Astralis were in the last few weeks, Team123 is not a tema they would lose to, especially in a best of three series. Team123 managed to beat a mix of mediocre polish players and somehow upset Epsilon on nuke which is pretty impressive, but that’s all they did, they are definitely not capable of upsetting Astralis, maybe they would in a best of one, still very unlikely though.

High bet on Astralis, I’m sure they will win here.

My odds for this match: Astralis 85:15 Team123

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Astralis had a really poor showing and I honestly don’t know what is happening to them. Even before cajunb left, they were going backwards and since he has done, they are getting worse and worse. This year they have managed to win 1 BO3 against top 10 sides the entire year and that was against the old fnatic roster, when olofm had his bad wrist. This is not good enough and unless they make changes, they will slowly go backwards. The main issue for them is they don’t have a game changing player. Device will get his 1 kill a round throughout the game but never makes big plays that change a round or a game. It is sometimes duprehh but after that they have nobody. Their opponent today, is an average Danish side, who somehow managed to beat AGG and Epsilon. I still don’t see how they take down astralis, and I would expect them to take this game 2-0.

My odds for this match: Astralis 75:25 Team123

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