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2018/07/08 10:07 UTC

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Astralis vs. VP at ESL One

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So this is a match between a team with two stand ins against one of the most inconsistent teams in the history of CS:GO who were also in a massive slump recently, probably not the best match to bet on, but as much as played bad lately, I don’t see them throwing away a chance to win the major by losing to a team that is missing their entry fragger and probably the most impactful player, especially because they are using zonic as a stand in, he didn’t even play an hour of CS:GO in the last two weeks… topped their group with two wins against Liquid and mousesports, they looked really well and I honestly expected them to do well as they were always better on majors and just bigger events in general, they also won Starladder Finals and did pretty well on ELEAGUE, so it seems like are slowly getting out of the slump.

I don’t really know what to say about Astralis as their situation makes everything very complicated, I mean, they managed to beat dignitas with zonic and gla1ve but it was more like dignitas making a lot of mistakes and not hitting their shots rather than Astralis playing well, and also players like Xyp9x and karrigan were insane in these matches and I couldn’t even count how many important rounds they won for their team, insane performance from these two.

I feel like should be able to win here, Astralis didn’t look that great even with dupreeh, they lost against Gambit in the group stage and struggled against dignitas, while stomped both Liquid and mousesports, so yea I think they will win this match.

My odds for this match: Astralis 30:70 VP


This is one that Virtus Pro should take. Astralis were looking really shaky with their full roster before the major, then at the major with Glaive they looked shaky and now they also have Zonic. They managed to beat Dignitas yesterday however Dig is just bad, I expect VP to take this. If VP fail to progress here, they REALLY do deserve to lose their spot in the major as Astralis should be done here. Astralis can fight, however it will be very, very hard and it isn’t like they are in some great form or anything like that, they are looking shaky like I said. I do not think that VP has been the best either here, however they have been looking better than Astralis and given their overall history and current shape and what not, I think it is very crucial for them to make it out here. Historically speaking however, this is a very, very rough matchup for Virtus Pro, however Astralis are missing their 2 out of 3 best fraggers so that’s that. Overall, 70-30 VP. I expect them to take it but you never know, Device can be scary.


5% VP under 77%, otherwise 2% Astralis

My odds = 70-30 VP

My risk = High

My bet = 5% VP under 77%, otherwise 2% Astralis

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Astralis 30:70 VP

Option 2Bet Astralis if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Game starts an hour earlier than I thought so will keep this quick. I do think VP are the heavy favourites for this game and if they can get Train, they should almost have a free map in this BO3. Astralis of course still with a much weaker side will struggle here in the key moments, and they should have honestly lost yesterday. VP won’t make any where near as many mistakes and in Snax have a player who can go toe to toe with the best in astralis and match them. I do think astralis could sneak a map, but LOW on VP for me here.

My odds for this match: Astralis 35:65 VP


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