Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3


Winner Epiphany
Live Odds
AT 27
Epiphany 73
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Match Predictions

Should be an interesting game some what. Epiphany for the most part have been in good form lately. They improved since they started playing with hiffer and on maps such as Cobble, look a really good side. If they can secure that map tonight, it should almost be a free map for them.

AT have actually not been in that bad form either, they had wins against Ducks and EoU. Their last big loss in fact, was against the very side they play tonight. They lost 2-0, on Cobble and cache, with the map scores being 16-10 16-11. I can honestly see the scores tonight being about the same, and expect Epiphany to take this.

AT do have some decent players, especially ZELIN, but overall I think they lack the quality they are going to need to take down Epiphany. The odds are not the best on CSGL, but would recommend going MED on Epiphany if you can afford it and want to take the risk. They are a stronger side, and have a decent track record against the very team they play tonight. This is still a lower tier EU game and of course comes with some risk.

My odds for this match: AT 35:65 Epiphany






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