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AT vs. K1CK.pt at AlienTech League Predictions

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Should be a fairly safe game here between 2 Portuguese sides who know each other well. AT are nt a bad side and have a good player in ZELIN, but have been in a bad run of form recently, and have beaten the lesser sides, but lost to every side above them or near them. This is clearly a bad omen going into a match against k1ck who could really do with a win here. If things go as planned in their earlier match, they will go into this game with 2-4 points, and could still do with a win in this one.

AT suffer from a really poor map pool, and can literally only really play Inferno. This does give them hope of taking perhaps 1 map, but the majority of the other maps are not maps that k1ck should be losing. I would not be surprised if k1ck managed to take Inferno as well, which would make this an easy 2-0 for them.

The odds are not the best, but with AT being in poor form, and suffering from being able to only really play 1 map, their map pool means this SHOULD be at least 1-1, or 2-0 to k1ck. I would suggest going MED on k1ck as things stand.

My odds for this match: AT 35:65 K1CK.pt

AlienTech are looking quite good in this league, they have 2 wins 0 ties and 3 losses. The wins were against Imperio and Galatics so that’s not that impressive. The losses were against gBots, k1ck (spain), and Nerdrage. Now, gBots and k1ck (spain) isn’t that much of a problem but losing against Nerdrage really is. They didn’t just ”lose”, they got stomped. 16-10 and 16-3 on both Cache and Cobblestone. Now, AlienTech are a team with a really weak mappool. All you have to do to win against them is ban Inferno as that’s the only map they are extremely good on, Cobblestone is also a map they like playing but they are quite inconsistent on it, the remaining 5 maps are maps they aren’t good on, they are extremely inconsistent on it and can just lose with scorelines such as the 16-3 against Nerdrage on Cache.

I said most about k1ck in the earlier analysis against Nerdrage, they need to take both matches 2-0 if they want to have a chance. If they win against Nerdrage, then it’s looking good for them. Winning against AlienTech will even be better and a spot at the LAN finals should be secured at that point. If they win against Nerdrage but lose against AlienTech then they will have a hard time as their last match is against k1ck (spain) and that team is simply too good.

So again, k1ck HAVE to win this one if they want to qualify for the LAN finals. I do think that they will win this as they are the better team but they have to ban Inferno if they want to win 2-0, once they banned Inferno then they should be able to get 2-0. It could still become 1-1 depending on their form but they really shouldn’t lose 2-0 here.

My odds for this match: AT 35:65 K1CK.pt


AlienTech are very afraid playing vs k1ck now, they lose almost everytime vs k1ck.  They have a new signed player “BLOODZ”. Nobody know where he was playing before AT or what sort of results they had. I have some info about him never playing in a good team before AT. Their best player is ScRm in my opinion. They call him, the portugese ScreaM. This match will be BO2, i dont think that AlienTech have chance to win it.

K1ck have new lineup aswell, but they’ve signed good players. Most recent signed player is riis3d, who before played on k1ck with FaZe fox. He has lots of experience, and he’s good at fragging.  I think he was the best signing by k1ck. Last official match was 2 weeks ago against LDLC.White, they won it 2-1. And the map pool is better for k1ck aswell.


  • Dust2: 70-30 k1ck
  • Inferno: 55-45 AT
  • Mirage: 65-35 k1ck
  • Cache: 55-45 k1ck
  • Train: 50-50
  • Overpass: 50-50
  • Cobblestone: 70-30 k1ck

Medium (10%) on k1ck

My odds for this match: AT 35:65 K1CK.pt


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